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Rhett F Spencer talks about reducing pain through nano capacitor technology

Rhett F Spencer is the inventor of the nCAP Pain Relief Technology, a product which reduces the bioelectrical pain message to the brain in the form of a wearable patch. The nCAP Signal Relief is a wearable and reusable general wellness product that is becoming a popular way for people to get help with pain relief and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

Rhett was kind enough to answer some questions about nCAP Signal Relief.

Hi Rhett, what’s your background before starting Signal Relief?

I worked as an automation engineer programming electrical control systems for all types of factories, mining, water treatment and wastewater plants along with manufacturing, and pre-made food factories. I also worked as a communication engineer for radio stations and public service organizations like hospitals and police/fire departments.

I owned and ran a very large paging company (beepers) before cell phones replaced them. I’ve owned and operated one of the first ISP independent email services in the 1990s – before Hotmail and Gmail. For the last 40 years, out-of-the-box solutions have been a part of my everyday life.

How did the idea for nCAP Pain Relief Technology come about?

The technology in the patch was first developed to create a new type of communication antenna. The new antennas are far more sensitive to electrical fields than the magnetic fields conventional antennas primarily use.

While riding with my kids, I tipped over on my motorcycle while traversing a pile of large rocks and broke 6 ribs. I spent 2 days in the hospital while they determined how many opioids I needed so I could breathe deep enough to not develop pneumonia and die. I was sent home with 600 pills for the first month (20 a day) and was told I would most likely need 3 to 4 months of rehab after taking the pills for 2 months.

After a few hours, I had the inspiration to give nanotechnology a try. My wife Erin placed it on me, and I quickly fell back asleep. 2 hours later, I woke up and was walking around, and it dawned on me that I had no pain!

I showed my wife, then moved my arm and, boy did it hurt as my ribs went crunch. But after a few minutes of not moving my arm, the pain subsided, and I asked her to make a belt to keep my arm from moving. I then took a shower and went back to work.

During the next 3 weeks, I used only 2 of the 600 pills. After 3 weeks, I was just fine and no longer used the then antenna technology that’s now optimized as the current Signal Relief patch.

How does the nCAP technology help reduce feelings of pain in users?

The patch contains billions of nano capacitors that interact with the tiny electrical signals from the user’s nervous system that are generated when in pain. The energy from these signals is collected by the patch via a process called Neuro Capacitive Coupling. The intensity of the pain signals making it to the user’s brain is reduced, relieving the pain. The user’s body then goes about the task of healing itself.

How do you use the Signal Relief patch to combat different kinds of pain?

You start by placing the patch directly over the pain, then wait a few minutes. If the pain is not subsiding, move the patch an inch at a time closer to your brain, or towards your spine if it is on an area of the back. I have some how-to video on my website.

Will the Signal Relief patch help speed recovery after workouts?

The patch will help speed recovery from workouts and other activities where you push your body to the limit.

How many times can the patch be washed and reused?

The patch can be used over and over again for years if it is not misplaced or abused. It can even be shared with friends and family. The patch is easily cleaned with just a damp cloth and mild soap.

Do customers need a prescription to use this product?

No prescription is needed for this product; it’s a general wellness product to help reduce the pain and discomfort from chronic pain conditions along with acute pain and discomfort from workouts and other life activities.

Thank you Rhett for your time!
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