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Reforming Laboratory Testing: Adapify’s Modern Approach to Streamlined Services and Customer-Centric Solutions

It all began with the soil. For many of us, the ground beneath our feet is an afterthought. But for Neil Wood, co-founder of the laboratory marketplace Adapify, that same soil was the entry point into revolutionizing lab testing. The Virginia-based company is working to help consumers tap into the power of modern science with access to streamlined laboratory testing. 

“Laboratory testing has the potential to deliver incredible experiences to every homeowner across the country,” explains Wood. “But at the same time, it is the least technologically served and modernized channel through which we buy goods and services today.”

The vision for its first market was clear: Why should homeowners be perplexed by the composition of their soil or the intricacies of testing it? This simple realization inspired Adapify’s flagship brand, Rx Soil.

Rx Soil helps consumers understand and improve the health of their soil. Using a simple at-home sample collection kit, Rx Soil makes it easy for homeowners to ship their samples to a laboratory testing facility for analysis. The results are compiled into meticulously crafted reports full of actionable insights. According to Wood, the software that powers Rx Soil can offer tailored advice on which fertilizers to purchase, the exact amounts to use, and the explanations based on a customer’s specific soil needs. 

But as the Adapify co-founder explains, “Soil was just the beginning.”

Adapify has since become synonymous with bridging the gap between consumers and laboratories. Customers have described the brand as the “Lyft” for lab testing—convenient, direct, and customer-focused. Responding quickly to rising customer demand, Adapify has expanded its services to cover testing for heavy metals, pesticide residues, water samples, and even indoor allergens.

“Our customers are any homeowner, renter, small business…anyone who has a need or curiosity for laboratory testing services. Adapify lives in the middle of the laboratory and the consumer, providing access to clear pricing, straightforward delivery, and easily digestible reports,” says Wood. 

Current access to laboratory testing can be a maze for consumers. Local testing labs, though present, often lack easy payment options and convenient sample submission methods. Meanwhile, large-scale commercial labs offering quicker turnaround times are not built to service individualized testing requests. This gap in customer experience poised a unique opportunity to Adapify to fill.

Wood vividly recalls a realization he had one evening. Adapify was receiving a significant amount of calls and emails after business hours and on the weekends. The influx was an important clue that would become a cornerstone of the company’s customer service strategy. 

“It became obvious. This is when people are actually home. Why shouldn’t customers have a helping hand after 5 p.m. or hear a friendly voice over the weekend?” Wood remarked. 

He staffed Adapify’s support lines with U.S. employees for extended hours, ensuring clients could access prompt assistance by phone, email, or text. “It’s the world I want to be a part of,” Wood emphasizes, his conviction evident.

Driven by Wood’s customer-centric vision, Adapify has dramatically transformed access to tailored laboratory testing services. According to the company, every sample matters, every test counts, and every customer is a priority.

From sampling a favorite morning coffee blend for food allergens to evaluating the air in a living room, Adapify aims to empower consumers to live a safer, more well-informed life at home and beyond. According to Wood, Adapify’s dedication is unwavering: to make lab testing an effortless, insightful, and rewarding journey. Visit or to learn more about the company’s expanded laboratory testing services.