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Unveiling the Power of Positivity: An Interview with Syrene Mackey from Simply Syrene

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In a world often weighed down by negativity, Syrene Mackey, the founder of Simply Syrene, has emerged as a beacon of light, inspiring others to reshape their thinking patterns and embrace positivity. In this insightful interview, Syrene takes us on a journey through her past, sharing the challenges she overcame and the motivations that led her to create Simply Syrene.

From her upbringing in less-than-ideal circumstances to her remarkable transformation into a successful entrepreneur, Syrene’s story underscores the profound impact of a positive mindset. Through her digital products, heartfelt advice, and unwavering determination, she aims to guide individuals towards a more uplifting and self-caring existence.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey and what inspired you to create Simply Syrene?

Sure thing! As a kid, the whole “positive thinking” concept wasn’t really a thing I was taught. My childhood was all over the place, bouncing between my mom’s and grandma’s homes, and even spending time in foster care. I can still picture my grandma’s serious face and how rare it was to see her smile. Smiling just wasn’t something we did much back then.

You know, life’s curveballs can really mess with how we see things and think. When you grow up seeing your parents unhappy, it’s hard not to soak up some of that negativity, and it’s crazy how that kind of thinking can stick around for generations without anyone realizing it.

Honestly, no one ever sat me down and said, “Hey, think positive!” So now, I’m on this mission to share stuff that gets people thinking in a positive way. Trust me, making that mindset switch can open up doors you wouldn’t believe. Look at me – a kid who went through foster care and managed to write a book and start a Shopify store from scratch!

Yeah, there were times when I just wanted to give up because things got so frustrating. But I didn’t. I decided to focus on the “think positive” idea. That’s why my store’s called “Simply Syrene” – it’s all about being real and expressing myself through writing and cool designs.

Long story short, embracing positivity leads to some seriously awesome results. My journey shows how flipping the switch on your thinking can help you achieve incredible stuff, even when life starts off rough.

Your website offers a digital product, including a printable. Could you share some insights into the types of products you offer and the inspiration behind them?

I have a free digital printable I give to the first 50 email subscribers each month that focuses on helping people stay positive. For example, August’s printable is a 30 day positivity self care plan. I do plan to add more digital content soon. I also have blog posts under the positivity scene which give tips on how to be more happy, and techniques to overcome procrastination, just to name a few! I also have a tab called Motivation station which will give you motivational tools! I overall just want to encourage people to be the best they can be and in return I feel like I’m completing my mission, giving to my community. I also allow comments on my blogs so that we I can communicate with the people that read them.

One of your featured products is the “Think Positive” Heart Shaped Acrylic Plaque. How do you believe this item can impact someone’s daily mindset and outlook on life?

I believe, that in the midst of daily life, if someone were to get the think positive heart shaped plaque, they would ideally keep it at their bedside and if going through a hard time it will help them take control over their negative thinking since they will always have a reminder to think positive. Because when you think positive this is a form of loving yourself (hence the plaque being heart shaped). When you think positive youre able to push yourself through the hard times making them not so hard times! Every successful person out there had to push out that negative self talk (examples: your not good enough, you will never accomplish anything good, you dont deserve to be happy) in order for them to achieve their goals.

You can and will accomplish all your dreams  especially by having a contant reminder near! We lose the power of thought when we are going through the many obstacles of life. This is why it’s so important to have something as a reminder to THINK POSITIVE near you daily.

The Positivity Self-Care Plan is a digital download you offer for free. Could you explain more about what this plan includes and how it can contribute to promoting self-care and positivity?

The Positivity Self-Care Plan will only be available through August. I will be removing the current digital freeby of the month and replacing it with something new in its place. This will happen retroactively. For August’s freeby, it has goal setting sections, it has a page to write to your future self, and it also has a blank 30 day calendar with each day having a prompt you can follow to stay on track with your positivity journey and staying healthy! For example, it has a prompt that says take a bubble bath and another prompt that says write out your goals. There are 30 of these prompts. The free download is limited to 50 people so you need to get them before they are gone. I may consider upping the amount of freebies in the future. Its something I am thinking about.

Simply Syrene not only offers products but also motivational content. Can you elaborate on the type of motivational content you provide and how it complements your digital offerings?

When coming to Simply Syrene, you put yourself on a journey of positivity! The uplifting free blog content goes hand in hand with the free digital content! I offer all of this for the betterment of my community. I really hope people can read this article and know if I can do all of this given my upbringing,  they too can do anything they want in this world. Life is a game that we are all playing. You control YOUR game. YOU are the manifester of your life as long as you THINK POSITIVE and dont down yourself if you make a mistake. We are all human and humans created every thing you see so once you instill the constant thought of looking on the bright side you become your dreams. Negative thinking will keep you stuck going to nowhere land. THINK POSITIVE and if you cant think positive and your having a hard time make sure you have a reminder near that is thought provoking!

Many people struggle with maintaining a positive mindset, especially in challenging times. How do your products and content address this issue and offer practical solutions?

That is so so true! And this is the reason my store in centered around giving people constant reminders. I encourage anyone having challenging times or issues staying on track of having a positive mindset, to check out my blog content and the free printable. In my blog titled Harnessing the power of happiness it is your key to a more fulfilling life and it gives you key areas to focus on which well help you in redirecting your mindset into a positive direction.

Could you tell us about your favorite success story from a customer who has used your products and content to make a positive change in their life?

My aunt has her think positive leather journal and her think positive heart shaped plaque right by her bedside. She told me she has really been able to stop being so anxious with always having the reminder to think positive. So amazing! Also I too have both of these items and am able to push out my negative self talk and continue on being great! Accomplishing all my dreams and I smile more and am able to pass this positive thinking on to my kids! Practice makes perfect and always having these reminders near has me on a path of abundance and success!

Lastly, what message would you like to share with individuals who are looking to infuse more positivity and self-care into their lives through your products and resources?

If they want to come stop by Simply Syrene and say hi in the comments of my blogs to let me know they got anything from my blog that would be amazing! Im hoping to even create a community in my store and offer support if its needed to anyone!

My final words are hang in there life throws us hard balls at times so that we can appreciate the good things! We wouldn’t know happiness without knowing sadness. Remember to pause and tell your negative self thought talk to back up! Because we are on a road to THINK POSITIVE. Start your journey at Simply Syrene today!

Thank you Syrene for your time! You can follow up with Syrene Mackey, please visit Simply Syrene at

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