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Phyllis Hughes from Genesis Consulting Experts reveals how they help people dispute and rescue their credit score

People fail to make repayments for a variety of reasons, many beyond their control, and this can lead them to earn poor credit ratings that cast their future ability to borrow in doubt. Luckily, there are legal mechanisms by which people can dispute and repair their poor credit rating and build positive credit – something that Phyllis Hughes from Genesis Consulting Experts specializes in.

Phyllis answered a few questions about their business and how they deliver their credit restoration services.

Phyllis, how did Genesis Consulting Experts get started?

Genesis Consulting Experts got started in 2019 after I spent some time thinking about how I carried my own credit score from a 525 to 750 in just 6 months. From there I worked on my family and friends’ credit reports.

At that point I started studying and researching websites/articles on improving credit. I also started reaching out to gurus in the credit repair industry and started letting them coach me.

What kind of people are best suited to using your credit restoration services?

People that are best suited for my services is are essentially those with no credit and need the tools to start building positive credit. Also, people that have low credit scores and want to achieve higher scores that will enable them to get the things they want and need. Lastly, people who need a financial coach to help them maintain their finances and avoid earning a low credit score again.

Why do you think there is so much confusion about people’s right to dispute bad credit scores?

There is a lot of confusion because people don’t understand that when you dispute online you give up certain rights that can be used later if needed in a court of law. Also, people don’t understand that it’s their right under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) that their files contain accurate and truthful information.

What is your process for helping people dispute bad credit ratings and improve their score?

The process varies with each individual’s profile. We schedule a free consultation and go over a specific personalized plan designed for each person’s needs. One person may need some simple advice whereas another person may need money management and credit repair help.

On average, what kind of credit score improvements do your clients see in the weeks and months after engaging your services?

On average we have had clients go from a 450 to 515 after one month of being in the program. We have also seen people go from 510 to 675 in 4 months using our program. It all depends on if the person follows their personalized plan to help raise their scores while we work on the negatives on their credit reports.

What special features of your service make you ideal for people who want to improve their credit scores?

We stand out because we establish a personal connection with clients. All of my clients will tell you that I build a rapport first. I don’t want them to feel as if I’m there just to take their money.

They also will tell you that we act quickly. Our goal is to get them in and out of the program as quickly as possible. We also set them up for success, so that after they leave us, they will have the financial management skills not to require our services again.

Thank you Phyllis for your time!
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