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Pedram Ghozat discusses how performance marketing is about to change the way brands interact with advertising agencies

Pedram Ghozat is the founder of MediaBoostr, a full funnel Facebook and Instagram marketing agency that has an impressive track record of accelerating the growth of e-commerce businesses, driving high quality traffic that converts. Pedram is both highly experienced and knowledgeable about what it takes to make Facebook and Instagram business profiles more than just a banal afterthought, but the driving sales funnel for ecommerce brands.

MediaBoostr’s expert focus on Facebook/Instagram advertising makes the firm stand out amongst many other agencies that pretend to be a ‘jack of all trades’, but ultimately fail to deliver meaningful results to their clients. With a focus on specializing on the two most popular social media platforms, Pedram and his talented team are able to produce a direct and clearly identifiable return on investment for their clients, turning social media ‘fans’ into paying customers.

The team at MediaBoostr, made up of enthusiastic creatives, media buying experts and copywriters, is always improving itself so it can deliver truly effective solutions for the businesses that engage their expertise.

Pedram answered a few questions about his business and its focus on the Facebook/Instagram advertising platform.

Hi Pedram, how did you start with digital marketing and move to create MediaBoostr?

In early 2016 after failing to successfully launch my own e-commerce apparel brand (Swervy), I decided that I needed to learn the art and science of paid social advertising. At the time it seemed like the easiest option for generating high quality traffic that could convert into online sales. This opened me up to the world of growth marketing, where I found teachers and mentors at local meetups, and in online courses.

As an autodidact I strived for the perfect sources to learn from and quickly realized that I needed to start implementing the learnings I accumulated in a very short time to learn even more. That’s when I decided to start an agency, now called MediaBoostr to help other e-commerce entrepreneurs achieve success in their endeavors.

Since I was integrated strongly in the local growth marketing community of Cologne, Germany, people started referring me to startups who could have needed my help. I jumped on every opportunity and was able to bring great success to some of those clients. One particular fashion startup has stood with me from the beginning and we were able to grow together from almost $0 to $270k in monthly revenue as of April 2020.

Why have you focused specifically on Facebook and Instagram performance marketing?

I realized that there was a change coming in the world of advertising. Advertising has changed more in the last 8 years than the previous 80. This has left marketers confused, overwhelmed, and struggling to keep up. Because of that agencies have it very hard to stay on top of their field and more brands are feeling burnt by mediocre services and generic marketing strategies.

Brands are starting to reject the idea of a 360-agency providing all sorts of services. No longer will brands accept mediocre as part of an overall service agreement. Instead, they look after specialists that ensure an outstanding delivery. Once I had understood that I changed my model from a growth marketing agency to a Facebook / Instagram advertising only agency, obsessed about client success.

Now we invest our time to simplify the fast-changing ad tech environment and work transparently to make our clients understand where we spent their budget. We combine ART+SCIENCE.

Who are the customers who most benefit from your services?

DTC (direct to consumer) e-commerce brands. But also, in the times of crisis we’ve realized that more and more retail brands are moving stronger towards our services, as they are looking to have a stronger leg in the e-commerce market.

What special features set you apart from other social media marketing firms?

We are outcome-oriented marketers with backgrounds in the fields of computer science and creativity content creation. We are a team of specialists that works daily to improve their skills to deliver outstanding results for every of our clients.

We look at the systems of our clients instead of looking at those of their competitors for new ideas. We test instead of guessing and never say we know something for sure before we’ve tested. We only focus on delivering primary and secondary goals instead of arguing with clients about obviously irrelevant metrics.

What do you think the future holds for effective advertising on these platforms?

I think that as advertisers we should not obsess about the platform but rather focus on the ideas that we are transporting to an audience. 80 years ago, it was TV, now it’s social media and tomorrow it might be something else.

It’s just important to keep your focus and not dilute into many things at once. Mastery is about doing one thing for a very long time and there are too many generalist marketers who know a little of everything but nothing about something. I see a bright future for brands and advertisers that are able to combine Art and Science. Those are the players who are the ones that are going to truly win. You need to understand that it’s not the man or the machine – it’s man AND the machine.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start helping brands and build their own marketing agency?

Learn a high-income skill that is very effective in increasing a brands / businesses performance. Don’t focus on “social jail” skills, like increasing people’s follower count or likes. Rather go for skills that can generate revenue.

Focus on one thing – I can’t say this enough, but marketing has become very complex since the internet and even something as minor like Pinterest marketing can now be a full-time job. Therefore, stay at your lane and don’t manage too many different things at once. If you are still young and live with your parents having almost no costs to living yet, work for free to build up a portfolio and more importantly case studies. You can also offer brands a performance deal to grow with them and mutually benefit from the partnership long-term. Don’t overthink it. Give it a real try and if you fail, then at least make sure you fail fast and learn quickly.

Thank you Pedram for your time!
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