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Omri Raiter: The Technological Entrepreneur On The Importance Of Rolling Innovation

There is a lot to be excited about in the realm of big tech and big data, Omri Raiterwith over 16 years of professional experience, knows this more than most. The tech entrepreneur is certainly not shy about diving headfirst into the veritable and inevitable future of the digital sphere.

His work in the industry has already started making waves, and his diversified and expertise in the burgeoning facets of the technological evolution has allowed him to have a solid foothold in the future of the field.

Advisor & Contributor

One of his many tenures in the technological field is in his position as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Hexatone Finance, a branch of the Hexatone Group. It is through this particular looking glass that we can have a grasp at some of the intricate and vital work that Omri Raiter is currently undertaking in the ever-changing landscape.

While his expertise has been utilised across a variety of companies, his recent work with the financial sector through Big Data innovations and Machine Learning tactics showcase his ability far better than a typical LinkedIn profile.

Utilising Machine Learning Algorithms

One of the burgeoning issues that require the attention and expertise of the rising tide of Big Data, A.I, and Machine Learning tactics is in anti-money laundering and general financial data safety contexts. Where in the past there has been issues surrounding the laborious task of identifying troublesome patterns manually in an effort to curb the issue of money laundering – Omri Raiter and the workers at Hexatone have utilised the subset of A.I called Machine Learning to process and collate data sets with relative speed and ease.

Through this machine learning expertise, Omri Raiter has also enhanced the notion of Cybersecurity and data security. As particular machine learning algorithms can quickly and accurately detect abnormalities and strange behaviours faster than a human, the concept of data breaches is becoming less and less likely as a result of Big Data expertise and implementation.

Consistent Developments

Omri Raiter is anything but singularly defined, he’s constantly investing and investigating new ways of applying Big Data practices and the vast capabilities of A.I to enhance his acumen, as well as potentials for his clients and ventures.

While he continuously develops new and strong connections with his clients, he will always be a security expert at heart – utilising his long career in security-based solutions in the tech field to further his own understanding of the changing landscape of the digital sphere.

You can connect with Omri Raiter via LinkedIn and follow on his Facebook page.