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NightClub’s owner Milos Stevanovic’s will tell you secrets for keeping clubs successful

The wealthy, famous, and drop-dead gorgeous all go to 23ClubMiami, Vanity Gentlemen’s Club NYC, and all the other clubs this guy owns. What’s his secret? Read on to find out.

If you like to party and are attractive enough to fog a mirror, chances are you’ve been to 23Club Miami, Sal’s or Vanity, Milos’s nightclubs, which are spread among New York and Miami.

What Separates you from other nightclub owners?

“I’m the guy who never put self in the center of attention and the first plan, I let my team shine. I have the best team and partners in the United States and we all working hard to achieve the same goal, and the goal is to have the best party in the city, also to have an army of people leaving our places happy with a lot of good energy, memories and urge to come back and party again”

Well-designed spaces, the right music, copious amounts of top-shelf booze—all those things are important to Milos’s lucrative business. But the thing that really matters is his relationships directly with people and Milos’s phone list that has more than 10k numbers.

Milos says “I keep direct contact with my customers, i inviting them personally and making sure they all being treated well. In this business Personal relationship with people is everything, you can fix all problems and always improve your business.”

What’s the key to a successful party?

“I don’t want to sound chauvinistic, but sex sells. Everyone goes out at night to either get laid, meet a girl or a guy, or find their future husband or wife.

Girls, Girls, Girls!!! House full of beautiful girls changes the energy of the club, everyone feels good being around some well-dressed supermodel, or some girl that spends 4 hours getting ready for a big night.

Perfect Talents for the Perfect event!

Celebrities are a necessary part of the game. Everyone remembers the party with 50 Cent, Fabulous, taking a photo with Benny Benassi, or even better having them all under one roof. Celebrities make event looks luxurious and you as a guest make you feel like a celebrity in a few hours.

Merging worlds wisely!

Celebrities, Models, Finance Guys, Doctors, Artists, Street guys, guys with a regular job 9-5 they all coming to my events and you can see them all party together. All you have to do is to make sure that you connect them with the right music and vibes. So they all feel comfortable and they all feel that entertainment they get for the money they pay it’s worth it.”

What are the future plans?

“We are in the process of opening 3 more (total 5 venues) at the South Beach and 2 more in NYC by the end of 2022.  After establishing the right teams and making the places successful, we will look for opportunities in Las Vegas and LA.”

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