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Nick Lorizio

How Author Nick Lorizio Is Making Sense Of A Post-Pandemic Digital World

The pandemic seems to have monumentally shifted the way we consider so many parts of our world, it certainly is the case with author and business advisor Nick Lorizio. His new book, Digitalization: The New Normal of A Post-Pandemic World came onto the scene as a means of making sense and understanding the various avenues and shifted mentalities of a post-pandemic world.

Author Nick Lorizio

The book has effectively shifted how we look at all aspects of our daily lives in the post-pandemic world and illuminated the renewed focus and dependence we have on the digital space, and even goes into the minutiae of the major problems that the digital shift has manifested in the worldwide scope, and some of the ways to cope with and overcome these problematic angles.

Nick himself knows what he’s talking about, as the son of Microsoft VP Keith Lorizio he has pioneering innovation baked into the genes – and it comes to fruition with each page. Big players in the banking industry are already keeping a close eye on the young upstart – it seems to be the next logical step.

The Virtue Of Keeping Up

Keeping up with the everchanging landscape of our world and the various elements that comprise it is at the heart of Nick Lorizio’s book. With mentions of yesteryears fever-dream concepts like electric cars (let’s not even mention self-driving ones), artificial intelligence, NFTs, robotics, digital currencies, the necessity to keep up and understand the fundamentals of these technologies is absolutely apparent.

After the pandemic ravaged and caused its own brand of mayhem, the acceleration of these digitally based domains was rife and understandably rushed in certain areas. Nick Lorizio explores the technicalities and utilizes his skillset and knowledge in the tech industry to break down the concepts and explain the various eccentricities and approaches being made in each space.

Like all facets of a post-COVID world, balance is key. In his own life, Nick Lorizio practices what he is preaching. He attributes a positive mindset and a healthy active lifestyle as instrumental to success in post-COVID society. When he’s not writing bestsellers or running the day-to-day of his various ventures, Nick can often be found skiing or climbing atop one of the 48 tallest mountains in the Northeast, or simply spending time with friends and family.

As Nick Lorizio says, While digitalization is the future, it’s important to stay balanced and remain in touch with the natural world.”