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Expert Trader Neerav Vadera On the Benefits of Learning to Trade Properly

Trading can be an incredibly rewarding skill to have. Like any skill, however, it requires expert knowledge and careful training in order to be taken advantage of properly and in a way that is beneficial to you. Neerav Vadera has had a passion for Forex and Futures trading for decades, and is now striving to bring his knowledge to the public. His company G7FX aims to educate people thoroughly on these skills so that they themselves can become a successful trader.

Hi Neerav, can you start by telling us about yourself and how you became interested in Forex and Futures trading?

My name is Neerav Vadera I live in London U.K. and I am a full time Institutional Trader focussing on the Forex and Futures Markets.

I have spent almost 2 decades involved in financial markets.

It all started in the 1990s as a kid with my love for numbers. I always enjoy Maths but after college rather than study a straight Maths degree which I thought might be too theoretical (and boring) I decided to pursue Financial Engineering at Business School. I had no idea what it involved but I thought it would be more practical/hands on and be a nice twist on just doing a pure Maths subject.

When I started studying Financial Engineering at Business School in the heart of the City I was taught about Financial Markets and all the different instruments. Things such as spot markets, futures and derivatives. I was 18 at the time and it was my first foray into the trading world. I was hooked.

I spent 4 years studying at Business School rigorously and was extremely lucky to land an internship at Barclays Investment Bank mid-way through, beating 1000s of applicants. It was during these years studying at Business School and having exposure to Investment Banking that I knew I would spend the rest of my life exposed to financial markets.

Because of my successful internship at Barclays Investment Bank they offered me a role full time upon graduation. During my time at the bank we focussed on Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Interest Rate Products and my love for trading and financial markets grew exponentially.

I worked on the trading floor directly with some of the biggest central banks in the world (Bank of England, European Central Bank) and also some of the biggest European Hedge Funds in the world. I was directly responsible for facilitating hundreds of millions of dollars of forex and interest rate trades and helping with trade ideas and strategy. The hours were long – often working from 6am to midnight but I loved every minute.

When I left Investment Banking after 6 years I took some time out to recover but decided to get more into the pure speculative side of trading and ended up working with some of the world’s leading Proprietary Trading Firms (“Prop Firms”). I found they focussed heavily on futures markets and that’s when I started to get more involved in these markets. Products such as the US stock Index (S&P 500) and commodities like Crude Oil. The transparency in futures markets was extremely attractive and I found they lent themselves much better to wards outright trading than over the counter markets like forex.

I have been trading futures ever since!

What inspired you to create your business G7FX?

When I was working in the City in Investment Banking I was oblivious to what those outside the financial services industry, so called “retail traders” were learning. Retail Traders are those that want to get into trading but have not gone down the traditional route of Business School and a professional firm like I was lucky enough to.
When I started noticing what was being taught to retail traders online I was shocked.

In the last few years with the advent of electronic trading, trading has become extremely popular to everyone. Social Media has exacerbated this trend. Everyone seems to want to be a trader!

There seems to have been a boom in retail trading “educators”, often kids who have taught themselves in their bedroom flashing a wealthy lifestyle and promising those that pay them the same riches.

Let’s be honest this is nothing more than a get rich quick scheme destined to end in failure. It’s like learning to become a surgeon from someone you just met off the street and who has never performed any real surgery themselves. A recipe for disaster.

I think part of the problem is there is no real alternative in the commercial sector. No one with a background in an actual professional trading environment with a proven track record willing to teach people how to trade and also give them the realities of what it takes to succeed.

That’s where G7FX steps in. I created G7FX based on all my experience working on one of the biggest trading floors in the world, Barclays Investment Bank and at some of the world’s leading prop firms. I teach people the realities of trading. It’s completely the opposite of what I see being taught on social media.

I cannot stress how opposite the reality of this business is. It’s hard work and requires a very specific type of education. Having said that it is possible for anyone to succeed but they need to recognise that to do that they need to learn from others that have done it themselves.

I therefore think what G7FX offers, no one in the world is offering at the moment.

Have you always been passionate about sharing your skills and expertise with others?

I have. When I was at Business School I was an Accounts Tutor to teenagers. This is how I funded my education. I realised how much I loved teaching back then. I think everyone has the ability to excel in most things but they just need the right guidance. I really enjoy providing something different and observing my students transform slowly into achieving their goals. Incredibly rewarding.

It also helps me a lot. It reinforces things in me as I teach them.

Can you tell us about the services you offer at G7FX? What makes your business special?

G7FX is the only service of its kind in the world. I personally put all the modules together and I am the only 100% audited pro educator in the entire marketplace. My trading track record is provided using the gold standard in audited trader performance MyFXBook. I also have a proven background as mentioned before.

The course is extremely well structured to replicate exactly point for point what I went though myself whilst working at multiple institutions. The exact same training. The Foundation Course covers months 1-3 in an institution. Covering things like the Depth of Market and foundational orderflow.

Months 3-6 cover more advanced topics like VWAP and Profile and then eventually I put students on a simulation period in months 6-9. If that goes to plan a career is then built.

This is the complete opposite to what I see being taught in retail trading. Get rich quick promises by retail educators who earn commissions every time their clients trade. Inevitable failure.

To succeed in any business takes time and a proper structured process. That’s what G7FX provides.

You also have a successful YouTube and Instagram channel. How important do you think platforms like YouTube are for engaging with a modern audience?

My Instagram Channel started almost by accident. For a long time, I resisted the move towards social communication platforms. I felt they took away from traditional forms of human interaction. Just having a normal conversation over the telephone or at the dinner table.

However I guess one day when I was trying to have a conversation with those around me and they were glued to their smart phones disinterested in me; I just realised I either change or get left behind!

I started the Instagram Channel in early 2020 to show people how real institutional professional traders trade. I thought no one would be interested as they would be more attracted to the get rich quick nonsense.

To my surprise my channel has grown to become one of the fastest growing Institutional Trading Channels in the world on Instagram. It made me realise people were getting tired of being promised flashy lifestyles that come to no fruition and actually wanted to learn something of substance. They were ready to accept that to succeed in trading was possible but was going to take hard work.

I have grown to love social media. I have managed to reach people in so many countries I would never have been able to without it. I then started a YouTube channel which I really enjoy running. The Instagram channel is more of an intraday snap shot whereas the YouTube content is more long form and allows those that want to deepen their knowledge to watch more detailed content.

What is your biggest piece of advice to those just getting started with trading?

If anyone tells you this is easy and you can get a fast car and earned lots of money and so on quickly; RUN. Trading is absolutely no different to learning any skill in the world. Name me one skill in the world that comes easy. It doesn’t and to think otherwise is extremely naïve.

If you want to become a doctor, you would learn from a doctor. If you want to become a pilot, you would learn from a pilot. If you want to become a trader, learn from a professional trader, not from some kid on social media that has no professional experience. It’s a recipe for failure.

Take your time, give yourself the space to learn properly and don’t allow outside influences to pressure you into exposing your hard earned money quickly. You will lose it.

Get on a verified programme like G7FX and grow slowly but ultimately into what could be an incredible career.

How can people benefit from learning these trading skills?

If done correctly and I cannot stress this enough, it must be done correctly. If done correctly people can develop an incredible career earning more money than they could ever dream of. But it takes time. Like anything.

Trading has given me an incredible amount of freedom to mould my day how I want it. Life is still hard; you still have to work! However, there is an incredible amount of flexibility around when you want that work to be. It frees up time to spend with family or friends. Your quality of life can improve dramatically.

This can only happen after a few years are spent earning that, however. You need to be educating yourself properly in how to trade. No shortcuts as we see promised by Retail Trading Courses.

Finally trading is an amazing mental challenge and constantly. It will keep you on your toes and force you to keep evolving. If you enjoy being tested everyday and coming out on top more often than not, then trading is a perfect fit.

G7FX regularly donates to charities. Can you tell us why this is an important part of what you do?

As mentioned before commercial or retail education encourages a get rich quick mentality. This can have devastating consequences for those sucked into these claims.

Many individuals get addicted to trading as a form of gambling, which is essentially what retail trading is. They don’t treat trading as a business but more as a roulette wheel. People end up losing their life savings or even getting into debt to fund their retail trading habits.

You can see where I am going with this. This can lead to depression, addiction and also have devastating impacts on their families.

That’s why I set up the G7FX25kchallenge ( to raise awareness of this. I have offered £25k to any retail educator that can match my results and for every month that goes past that no one comes forward I will donate to a charity that supports the things I mentioned above.

This raises awareness of the dangers of learning from unqualified educators on social media whilst simultaneously helping charity!

Becoming a successful trader requires time and effort. With Neerav Vadera and G7FX, you can learn the skills that actually work. Shortcuts will only lead to failure, so it is important to dedicate your time, learn as much as you can, and use these skills to come out on top as a successful trader.

Thank you Neerav for your time!

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