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Nanosocks: The Compression Wear Revolutionizing Recovery

Anyone who undergoes surgery for a serious injury could be required to use compression wear during their recovery. 

Consisting of tight, elastic garments typically worn on the arms and legs, compression wear provides support and compression to muscles and surrounding tissues. The objective is to expedite healing by improving circulation and reducing swelling. 

But not all compression wear is equal. 

Nanosocks compression wear differentiates itself with five times the amount of material you would find in an average garment. But even with the added material, Nanosocks maintains flexibility while offering the support of a brace. And unlike other products that bill themselves as compression wear, Nanosocks doesn’t simply offer a tight fit. 

Athletes—professional and amateur—can often be seen wearing compression sleeves. These garments, however, are just as important for folks recovering from injuries or suffering from medical conditions that include peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 20 million people in the U.S. are estimated to have some form of peripheral neuropathy—damage to the peripheral nervous system.

The peripheral nervous system is the vast and critical communications network that sends signals between the brain and spinal cord and all other parts of the body. 

Signals from the brain can alert you to the fact that your feet are cold; they control movement by telling muscles to contract; they control everything from the heart and blood vessels to digestion and the immune system.

Peripheral neuropathy can be a big problem, primarily for those of us who are active in athletics and suffer the occasional but serious injury. But just being out of shape can set the stage for peripheral neuropathy; and those who have diabetes—37.3 million Americans—are even stronger candidates for this condition.  

NanoSocks—which offers compression wear in the form of socks, arm and wrist sleeves, back braces and inner shoe soles—offers a drug-free solution that helps neuropathy victims get back to walking and living their lives. And just four years after launching their compression wear and socks for neuropathy, they are generating a lot of buzz. NanoSocks’ reviews and socials reveal a following of several hundred thousand happy customers. 

This summer, NanoSocks will be included in the NFL training camp product lineup. That means arriving players will receive the company’s flagship compression sock—with its stylish, toeless, weight-bearing design—to help with support and recovery during training. Visit to learn more.