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Mujahid Ali Khan, the New Architect of Poetry, Pen and Voice

The old art form of Poetry refuses to die with ardent writers like Mujahid Ali Khan taking it to newer levels. The words that form a ghazal (poetry) shine like pearls on blank paper, and are hard to surpass. Such is the power of Mujahid’s poetry, which is filled with a hard-earned philosophy of life. The proof can be seen from the fact that every time he publishes his songs or poetry, they instantly beget likes and love of his fans and followers. To his readers, it appears as if the poetry was written for them alone.

Mujahid Ali Khan, loved by millions of hearts, is a lyricist. Mujahid was fond of writing poetry and songs since childhood. But no one thought that this hobby of his would become the heartbeat of millions of people. As soon as he publishes his couplets, poetry or ghazals, his fans start sharing or circulating them on social media, making the verse go viral in no time. 

The craze of Mujahid’s poetry has spread wide, from young to old, but he is most popular among the youth. As a young poet, his name is at the top. From his pen, words flow like pearls, and as easily etched in people’s hearts. It is easy to understand why, as good poetry is still on everyone’s heart.

Mujahid Ali brings songs to life with his writing, and these words are then the only words on everyone’s lips. Such beautiful words can only be created by one who is the ruler of hearts with his pen. ‘Mere Hal Sejo Zahira Hai, ‘Tanha Gujri Eid.’, ‘Kitaab Aur Pani., ‘Maayi-Mother…’, and ‘Apne Ghar Se Nikla Pada…’, are just some his famous works.  If the ‘pen-rich’ are those whose lyrics, songs or poetry captivate the mind of others, Mujahid Ali Khan is one of them. His every word is pleasing to the mind, and the poet can’t wait to send them across. When some of these songs were launched, it was as if the entire social media was filled with nothing but his poetry.

Mujahid Khan is also one of those poets from whose pen words rain to capture the matters of someone’s heart. Life is beautiful, but it becomes more beautiful when someone brings your heart to dance, like the Zumba. Mujahid is making everyone convinced of all this with a lot of fun too. Just as rivers and winds are free of all bondage and cannot be stopped, so are the songs of Mujahid Ali Khan. First from city to city, followed by the whole country, and now across the seven seas, his poetry has made a home in the hearts of people. There are today many fans of his songs and poetry on foreign lands who love his poetry. Some are even crazy as they eagerly wait for Mujahid Ali to come and perform before them in person.

Mujahid Ali Khan has performed at national and international levels. We can see crowds of fans come together to watch these live shows, or sharing the videos of these shows on social media. The number of his fans is increasing day by day. One of the most searched for people on social media is the name of Mujahid Ali Khan. Indeed, the words and voices of Mujahid touch the heart as if someone is doing mercy to God with a pure heart. The passion of his fans is such that they listen to his songs not once but again and again. From common people to the distinguished ones, everyone is an admirer of the writing of Mujahid. The list of his fans is very long. There is no doubt that the time to come is of Mujahid Ali Khan. And the day is not far when the songs, ghazals and poetry written and sung by him will not only touch the heights, but will also set new records.