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Muhammad Nouman discusses how he helps his clients create and manage successful eCommerce stores

Muhammad Nouman is an experienced digital marketing, sales, and business development specialist who has is pursuing his passion with his personal agency that specializes in Shopify development and marketing. Muhammad is adept at helping people achieve financial independence by working with them to build an eCommerce website that earns them a passive income, all while avoiding the mistakes that many others make when starting their own websites.

Muhammad kindly answered some questions about his background and his current business.

Hi Muhammad, can you tell us a bit about your background and how it led to creating your current eCommerce development services?

Greetings! I am Muhammad Nouman, a certified ecommerce specialist from Pakistan. I have 7+ years of experience in online business development and top-rated freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork. I decided to turn my biggest passion into my job. My extensive background in digital marketing and sales uniquely positions me to offer a 360-degree approach to any eCommerce project. My goal is to assist my clients with professional, creative, and effective store designs. I constantly work to achieve results with sheer persistence through real-life experiences with a natural flair for creativity, problem-solving and above all, being unique.

What are a few of the mistakes people make when starting their own eCommerce website?

Whether you are building eCommerce store as your side hustle or plan to do it full time, it is important to stay pragmatic and prepare a step by step plan, focus on priorities. One of the biggest mistake people make when starting an eCommerce business is that they try to build a store on their own. I highly recommend them using one of the eCommerce building platforms like Shopify, to save time and money. If you are limited on budget, you should start your eCommerce journey with dropshipping instead of purchasing inventory for your store. I offer services to build a Shopify dropshipping store so you can start quickly and avoid the mistakes.

Some of the other common mistakes are importing the product to the store without proper product research, it’s best to start with a few types of products but of high quality. It’s recommended to import a product to the store that has a “Wow” factor and the product that solves everyday problems. A thorough, yet concise product description and a matching photo is a must.

Other common mistakes are not having legal policies like refund policy, terms of services, privacy policy on the store, missing important pages like About Us, Contact Us, FAQs pages etc. Lack of social proof, bad customer services and overcomplicating checkout process also added to the chaos.

Why have you chosen to focus your services on Shopify?

Shopify stores are easy to manage, and if you have no technical skills you can still manage your Shopify store effectively. Shopify is a complete solution, with no technicalities related to the development and hosting of the online store. The platform itself offers the software and hosting that is needed for launching the website.

The admin interface is intuitive and user-friendly while the user-interface is compelling too. I’m Shopify partner and created over 1000+ Shopify stores for my clients, I understand the importance of every single penny for my client, and I completely understand that hiring virtual assistant or managers for the store will cost them a lot, that’s why I choose Shopify platform to build store and offer my clients Shopify training for free, so they can manage their store themselves without depending on VA to manage their store. It saves them thousands of dollars monthly which they can use for promoting their store with Facebook Ads and get more sales.

What is your standard process for working with a new client?

My standard process for working with a new client is to start with a 30-minute conversation. I offer this complimentary session to each and every one of my prospective clients in order to ensure a good fit. This initial strategy session will help us get clear on what it is exactly that you would like help in and how we’re going to get there. I answer my client’s questions exclusively, they can contact me through email, chatbot placed at my services site or through Facebook Messenger (@noumanecommerce), Instagram (@noumanecommerce) or Skype (nouman.rauf1).

Also, they can place an order on my site. They will need to fill out a form on my site with the necessary details. I will build a premium, customized, responsive and branded Shopify Dropshipping Store. The Shopify Store will be delivered to them with its complete ownership.

Also, there are many pre-built Shopify dropshipping stores listed on my site as well. If someone wants to start straightaway, these stores provide them with an opportunity to start selling from Day 1.

How do you help your clients identify a winning product to sell?

Almost 90% of store owners are worried about their sales because they select wrong and not selling dropshipping products, so I provide them with the most demanding & hot selling winning products for their Shopify store or any eCommerce platform with an impressive sale just in the first month.

I do manual research and use some advanced paid tools for product research with the complete analysis of the Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay market. My product researcher team is very experienced in all dropshipping product research, Amazon product research, and eBay product research. We can do any type of niche research and will guarantee you that our products are winning products in every season for any type of eCommerce store.

All our past customers gave us great reviews because they were very happy with our work on research for dropshipping winning products. If someone is interested in product research services, then they should see my product research sample.

What’s the most challenging part of what you do?

You might have come across hundreds of eCommerce gurus showing the analytics of their store that they made $$$ from dropshipping, they just persuade you to buy their course because it’s easy money for them. They create a single course which they sell them to thousands of people interested in starting eCommerce journey and the content in those courses are pretty basic, which can be easily found on YouTube for FREE.

For me, I keep in touch with my clients on their eCommerce journey. I offer them Lifetime Support, if they are struggling with anything, they ask me, and I reply to them happily and try my best to help them with all my experience. It’s the most challenging part, and I think I’m doing well in it.

How do you ensure that Facebook marketing is effective for your clients?

To make Facebook work for your business, it is important to keep on top of mind with your ideal customers. With 2.38 billion monthly active users, Facebook advertising campaign is a goldmine for reaching the people that make sense for your business.

I follow my own marketing strategy that has given some great results for my clients. To ensure Facebook marketing effectiveness, I choose the right campaign objective (conversion, leads, link clicks, etc.), target the right audience based on demographics, interest, behaviors etc. I also optimize ads for the right event, provide complete marketing plan with my own strategies for your business, create product copy to grab your potential customers emotions and make your Shopify Facebook ads stand out and win over competitors.

Are you planning to expand your services in the future?

I am currently! My agency is providing all the services related to eCommerce and online business. We have store developers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, graphics designers, video editors, copywriting and content writers + a whole team of marketing experts for Facebook and Instagram ads, Google ads, Snapchat ads and influencer marketing.

Right now, 80% of my clients are from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada. I would love to spread my services site worldwide and work with amazing people around the globe.