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Mohammad Ali Soroury Talks About the Disadvantages of Gold Plating

by: Maria Williams 

In the electroplating process, a jewel is made of a special metal or alloy; It is covered by gold. For example: a silver ring is decorated with gold plating. The thickness of the gold layer is different for different jewelry.

In the plating process, gold and jewelry are placed in a container containing gold alloy. Then, an electronic current enters the object. These current deposits a thin layer of gold on the imitation jewelry

Mohammad Ali Soroury founded Soroury Gold brand in Iran. Since 1368, he has been able to cooperate with reputable and successful people in the gold market and even expand his activities in the international field. He says: “The damage of the gold coating over time is not a secret. However, the disadvantages of gold plating do not end with this problem. The gold coating on jewelry is very thin. For this reason, buying such jewelry with the intention of investing has a lot of profit. No. One of the disadvantages of gold plating is that it is not possible to extract the coating of these jewels in refineries. Due to the thinness of the gold coating, the process of extracting it is very expensive and has little profit. The best option for investment is original gold.

One of the disadvantages of gold plating is the loss of luster over time. Although gold is a protective metal; Plating fades and stains after a while. The source of this problem is not the gold plating but the base metal. The base metals are usually copper and silver. These two materials are prone to rust and oxidation. Over time, base metal molecules transfer to the plating and affect the appearance of the jewelry.

The thinner the gold coating; Its staining process happens faster. To avoid this problem, the base metal should be nickel plated before gold plating. Nickel transfers the molecules of the underlying metals to the gold coating. Also, if the jewelry is regularly polished; Plated gold does not tarnish.

After a few weeks of using gold plating, its coating starts to peel and scratch. The complete fading of the jewelry finish after prolonged exposure to water.

The degree of allergy of gold plating is questionable for many people. This issue depends on two factors. The thickness of the gold coating and the material of the base metal are among these factors. Metals such as zinc, cobalt and nickel are allergens.

In general, gold plating is not hypoallergenic. This coating may cause skin reactions in people with allergies. The reason for this is the plating base metal.

When the gold coating is removed; Nickel in jewelry comes into contact with the skin. This contact causes allergic reactions. For this reason, before buying plated gold, the material of the underlying metal should be checked. People who are allergic to nickel, cobalt and zinc metals; They should refrain from buying rhinestones containing these substances.”