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A Mere Pandemic Cannot Stop Top Chicago Handyman Dan Shirley

There have always been those who we call upon when things break down. In the case of Dan Shirley, a master Chicago-based handyman, the call has never gone unanswered.

The professional has made it his life’s dedication to fixing and helping people improve or repair the various aspects that can break down from time to time.

While the pandemic was a striking point for many businesses, Dan Shirley and his crew of dedicated craftsmen have maintained and continued to facilitate an incredible service for the good people of Chicago, Illinois.

He answered a few questions about what led him to his calling, the challenges of the pandemic, as well as some interesting influences that shape his craft.

Hey Dan, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, let’s start with the obvious, what led you to pursue the path of a Handyman?

I have been tinkering, repairing, and building my whole life. It started with my grandpa building my pine wood derby car. seeing his skill lit the spark and I have been building, designing, and repairing ever since.

As the pandemic continues its tear through the world, how have you adjusted or adapted to continue working?

The world doesn’t stop falling apart for a pandemic, so we had to keep it together for our clients. We have continued to work through this historic event.

Being a handyman, you’ll certainly see your fair share of interesting and challenging scenarios. Any particular challenges that stand out to you in your experience?

We had to do some ceiling work in an area where we could not get a lift, so we had to build a scaffolding – luckily, I was working with some longtime friends who are also acrobats, so they were used to being that high

On that same note, what has been your proudest moment as a handyman?

My proudest moments are seeing the people that I have trained excel in their field. Getting positive feedback for our staff makes me proud to build in Chicago

It’s clear that services like yours aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, what’s your take on the adoption of technology for assisting your work?

I don’t know how they did it before the tech. I think that’s why handymen were always older, you had to live a lifetime to have all the solutions. Now everything is available online, so we can resolve issues from clients that may have sat unattended to just a few decades ago.

As it’s a form of artistry, I’m curious, do you have any artistic influences that inform your work as a handyman?

Definitely, Bach and Beethoven are huge influences on my perspective. A building or a home is like a symphony in many ways. Of course, you can’t forget the influence of real classic rock on a construction job site.

Finally, what’s your plan for the next chapter of The Chicago Handyman?

We now offer cabinet painting which is an amazing way to upgrade a kitchen without the cost of a remodel. The results are amazing and can be seen on our Instagram page.

Thank you Dan for your time!

You can follow up with Dan Shirley at