Meet Award-Winning Producer, Actor, and Entrepreneur Vehid Abdullahi

Vehid Abdullahi has cemented his spot in the music and entertainment industries, with his art receiving global attention. Vehid has worked with notable names in the music industry and has also been featured in numerous TV shows and movies. Vehid is known for his role in “Riverdale” (2017), “After” (2019), and “Quicksand” (2019). How did he build his name in the entertainment scene? He shares his incredible journey with us.

Vehid has had a deep passion for music since he was a kid. He explains that he always felt drawn to music, which inspired him to dig deeper. He started learning about the music industry, from writing, composition, programming, and editing to mixing. After a few sessions and hours of research, he began making remixes. He then moved to compose original music productions.

Vehid’s passion and distinct approach to music production are some of the aspects that set him apart. Vehid views music as more of a language. He believes each song has a special story to tell, and his goal is to ensure that the finished product is as good as it can be and meet the artist’s vision. 

Vehid has worked on several music and movie projects, including “Mortal Wound” (2021), “Khosuf” (2021), and “Riverdale” (2017), where he was the music producer. Vehid has also starred in several TV shows, among them “The Rebel,” “The Frog,” “Mortal Wound,” and “Lunar Eclipse,” and has received several awards. Vehid recently received the Taqdeer Award from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, for his work in the music industry and the fintech space.

Besides music production, Vehid has also laid roots in fintech. Vehid is the brains behind Palladium Payment Services, the parent company of Pallapay, a reliable, secure, and convenient payment service. Pallapay is changing online payments and acts as a digital wallet that users can easily access online. 


Vehid has created a new POS system through Pallapay that is redefining payment systems and making it possible and easier for retailers and e-commerce stores to accept crypto without any knowledge about crypto or worrying about market inflation. According to Vehid, their goal is to create a safer and more reliable crypto-to-fiat POS machine where there is no need to touch crypto.

Vehid has built a successful brand around music, acting, and fintech. But his journey to the top hasn’t been easy. Vehid has encountered different obstacles, some of which threatened his career. 

Vehid explains that when he switched to entrepreneurship, balancing music production and managing a start-up was hard.

“Both careers require a lot of time, and without proper planning, it is easy to get lost and neglect one,” says Vehid. He had to invest in market research and build a team who understood his vision. They helped him manage some of his work when he was on other job sites.

His advice to anyone looking to get started in the music industry or fintech is to believe in your ideas and invest in them. “Good things don’t come easy. If you want a good life, you have to work hard,” says Vehid Abdullahi.


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