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Matt Meyers on Life, Salesforce, and the Importance of Persistence

Many people give up too soon. Sadly, many more don’t even try because they think success is just a matter of luck. The reality is when you stop trying, you fail. That’s what Matt Meyers believes, and he knows this all too well because he has been on both sides of the coin himself: He succeeded but also failed many times before finally succeeding. Matt is one of the top experts within the Salesforce ecosystem, having worked in the ecosystem for over 15 years, and holds the highest certification of Certified Technical Architect. He is also the CEO and co-founder of Adaptus, maker of EzProtect, a Software-as-a-Service virus scanning cybersecurity platform for Salesforce. The consummate go-getter, Matt has never stopped working on getting where he wants to be. Instead, he’s overcome the odds, pursued his dreams, and achieved major milestones through sheer persistence and determination.

Matt’s fascination with technology and entrepreneurship began early. However, the path to success was not straightforward despite knowing the direction he wanted to take. Matt came from a middle-class family that was not wealthy, which meant he had to earn everything on his own. At one point, he had to pay for his food while in high school and later paid his way through college. Despite having seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against him, Matt drew inspiration from members of his family who had successful businesses, prompting him to believe that success was also possible for him if he worked harder. Their success convinced Matt that he, too, was a candidate for good things in life, and he began to live his life with the idea that you only fail when you stop trying.

After graduating from college, Matt began his career as a Salesforce developer, hoping he’d one day join the company. He worked hard, took all the certifications Salesforce offered at the time and worked his way up. The desire for more financial and personal freedom motivated him to improve his skill set, which earned him a position at HCL, a global consulting company where he began his career as a Salesforce consultant. Consulting was exciting because it allowed him to solve complex problems, but Matt still felt unfulfilled. He wanted more, preferably at the company he’d spent years learning about, Salesforce. Matt’s determination paid off. He met someone who connected him with a recruiter and got the opportunity to finally work at Salesforce.

From a customer-facing architect in Salesforce services, Matt worked his way up to the director level at the company. The journey involved advancing tenaciously through various hurdles in corporate America, from politics to lack of financial resources, but he finally succeeded and became the highest-paid architect in the Salesforce ecosystem. Taking the Certified Technical Architect certification played a major role in his success, and Matt is glad he persevered through the two years it took to earn it. Matt was the director, public sector program architect lead, when he exited the company and went back to consulting. As a trusted expert in the industry, it didn’t take him long to succeed, which gave him more personal and financial independence.

Matt’s mission as a consultant and business owner is to empower his clients and inspire other developers with dreams of making it big in the tech industry. His goal is to build a thriving community of future Salesforce architects, helping them succeed where he failed and become successful in a shorter period.