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Markus Retek, founder of the Wawazen Waterwall School

Markus Retek shares insights on his business, the Wawazen Waterwall School

Markus Retek is the founder of Wawazen Waterwall School, a business with over 3.000 members worldwide. Indeed, after helping a friend install water features in 2001, Markus discovered his passion and began to focus on custom-designed waterwalls in 2008. His business has completed over 200 custom-designed projects and provides a series of online training modules for people wanting to learn more about custom-made waterwall features.

Markus was able to take some time away from his work and answer a few of our questions.

Markus, when did you officially start the Wawazen Waterwall School? Were there any initial challenges at the beginning?

I have founded the Wawazen Waterwall School in April 2014. The biggest challenge was to find time systemizing and publishing all the content online while running a waterwall business with almost 12 employees at the same time.

How difficult was the transition from your previous career as a physiotherapist to custom-designed automatic water projects?

Well, the start was easy! I did it as a side job so I had no pressure to earn money. I always loved water features and one day I saw a beautiful 2m high ceramic pillar fountain and I asked the seller how much it will cost. He told me then the price is 2.000 Euro and I was frustrated because I could not afford that. But then he said if I sell 3 of those I can have one for free. Few days before I bought a CD with a online-shop software and I asked him if I can use his product pictures to sell his ceramic fountains online – he agreed and in 2001 I proudly opened my own online shop selling water features. It took 6 months until I sold my first fountain. After 7 years and almost 1.000 products in the online shop I sold my first waterwall to a architect who was consulting a bank.

What are the benefits for businesses if they choose to install a custom-made water wall feature?

Everybody loves waterwalls but most people don’t know all the big benefits:

  • eyecatcher
  • attention grabber
  • customer magnet
  • relaxation for the eyes and the mind
  • regenerating the mood
  • reducing fear
  • bringing natural live energy in rooms
  • increasing feng shui chi for money and success
  • cleaning the air from micro dust and pollution
  • humidifying the air
  • reducing flu viruses
  • dehumidifying the air if the water is cooled
  • removing electrostatic current from the air
  • removing smoke and bad smell from the air
  • buffering the temperature
  • moving the air
  • dampening echos in rooms
  • bringing art and beauty in boring rooms

It’s no wonder water walls are so popular today, appearing in offices, hotels, banks, shopping malls and modern apartments.

When mistakes/challenges arise during a project, how do you and your team resolve them? Do you have a set of protocols?

Well, we have a set of protocols in order to avoid mistakes. That’s a part of the ongoing systematization we practice. The main 7 rules that have improved our workflow dramatically are:

  1. Always give the best
  2. Plan, plan and plan before proceeding
  3. Always to a test setup before installing
  4. Always make 3x leak test at critical components
  5. Do not cooperate with unreliable partners
  6. Do not speculate – test
  7. Systemize

In your experience, what type of businesses/individuals generally come looking to you for assistance?

We have almost only male members between 25-55 who want to learn how to build a waterwall by themselves, that’s the DIY guys.

And then we have a lot of craftsmen and entrepreneurs who start a waterwall business or who want to generate additional income with waterwalls.

Both are most welcome to register for our free waterwall essential basics course at After that they we invite them to take further trainings or to become our business partner.

In your opinion, what do you think are the three most important traits a person needs to thrive in the waterwall business?

Great question! I would say:

  1. Integrity
  2. Vision
  3. Mindfulness

Do you have a favorite custom featured that you have designed or worked on?

Yes, it’s a 550cm high glass waterwall we have produced in 2014, you can watch it here:

High Water Wall and Green Wall Feature - Water Wall Feature | Wawazen

We have done a lot of other waterwalls until that time, but this one was the first one where we have used our new water distribution system and a new water treatment system. Both work excellent until today.  And it was a pretty lucrative project too. So as it marks a kind of a breakthrough I can say this is my favorite, although I have done more then 100 other beautiful and satisfying waterwall projects after that.

Thank you Markus for sharing your thoughts!
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