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Marketing is one of the most lucrative steps for a business according to CEO Mark Lachance

The marketing industry is on the verge of change. With the world being fast-paced and consumers becoming more savvy, there is a shift in marketing strategy. Marketing has become more customer-centric, data-driven, and measurable.

This article will demonstrate how businesses are using technology to cut through the noise and blitz scale their way to an audience to keep up with today’s ever changing world.

Digital marketing is a fundamental means of effectively conveying your message about a product or service in a cost-effective manner. With the ability to be personalized and specific to your target market, digital marketing campaigns can provide you with an efficient return on investment. The use of data analysis techniques can help you to improve your campaigns over time by focusing on what is working and removing ineffective messages.

With so much noise out there, standing out from the crowd can be incredibly difficult.

Mark Lachance, one of the founders and CEO of Maxy Media inc, explains the importance of using strategic marketing tools that are effective for your social media presence. “It’s almost a no-brainer these days,” he said. “Learn from your competitors, learn from social media, learn from the web and start learning from your customers. It is a no-brainer – you have to do it.”

Lachance is a seasoned marketing professional who has been in the industry for years. He thinks that it is important to identify the channels that are most effective for your business. Lachance said, “You don’t necessarily want to go and spam every social media platform. For example, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook are all different in terms of reach. The biggest thing is to segment each channel, for instance for Instagram you want to post photos. For Facebook, you want to post statuses and for Tiktok it’s UGC’s.”

The core of successful marketing campaigns is creating a customer experience. Lachance’s main advice is about harnessing technology to automate certain tasks that would otherwise take up time and attention.The objective for marketers trying to reach their audience has changed rapidly. They are no longer interested in television ads or billboards.

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