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Mahdi Pourzaferani

Mahdi Pourzaferani An Interview With FiveM Store Owner & Programmer

If you’re in the FiveM gaming community then you’ve no doubt heard the name Mahdi Pourzaferani. He’s a man of many talents and has been in the programming field for over 14 years in a variety of exciting roles. The ability of Mahdi Pourzaferani has allowed him to excel in the field of Security Research, Security Management, Network Programming, and Game Designer for many large-scale creators.

His own venture, FiveM Store L.L.C, has taken off like a rocket in the mod and gaming community as a marketplace that showcases the top-tier experiences for gamers.  He took some time to sit down with us and discuss what brought him into the programming space, the mod community, and where FiveM Store is headed next.

Hello Mahdi, Thanks For Taking The Time To Chat With Us Today, Why Don’t You Start By Telling Us A Little About Yourself?

Hey, thanks for interviewing me. I’m the owner and proprietor of the FiveM Store. I started off as a programmer in 2008 and quickly developed a passion for creating a whole range of different scripts, elements, and programming protocols that have seen me to great success in a range of jobs.

Before opening the FiveM Store I worked in security and infiltration, most notably being a security manager for Optic Gaming as well as a Network Programmer for EA Sports. After a few years of building up my skills I landed a job at Rockstar Games working on a wide range of plugins and additions which ultimately led me to open the FiveM Store to provide players with a huge range of choices!

Tell Us A Little About The FiveM Store & How You Got Into It

Sure! The FiveM Store is essentially a one-stop-shop for the gaming and mod community. We provide great deals on a huge range of scripts for the FiveM Modification of GTA V as well as a range of security-conscious plugins and some Adobe After Effects content as well.

As for how it all started, I suppose through the years of experience I’ve gained as a programmer in various organisations and teams, I began to feel that I could really make a difference to my customers by providing reliable products that keep integrity at the forefront. I also really enjoyed working at Rockstar Games and found the mod community to be a really creative one and wanted to offer something more for them.

Modding Seems To Have Taken On A Life Of Its Own! Why Do You Think It Resonates With Players & Programmers?

The mod community is really one of love and adoration for the product. A lot of companies are against the idea of a mod community playing around with their games, but for me it is like a cover song where there is passion and dedication to the owner’s IP. It started off with a few skin covers in the early days and has since transformed into something more exciting!

Players using modifications like FiveM are allowed to use the tools at their disposal to really let their imagination run wild, and the programmers get to see their visions come to life in a world that they’ve become accustomed to. It’s a really caring community.

Why Has GTA V Been One Of The Main Focuses For You & Countless Other Modders & Providers Around The Globe?

GTA V is such a wild animal of a game. There are not many games I can think of that have stood through multiple generations of console hardware and still remained relevant and popular throughout. The open world has always been a hotbed for gaming mods as it allows a sense of freedom with whatever is crafted by the programmers. When you have enough people playing your mod or your version of the game, it can become something of an event or spectacle that brings the community closer together.

I think GTA V especially has all the ingredients of a great sandbox game and resonates with so many people for its story and open world that has the seedling programming to pretty much create anything you can imagine!

Of Course, It’s Not All Fun & Games With The FiveM Store, You Also Offer Cybersecurity Measures As Well?

Yes, in my experience with security in various roles around the world I have seen a number of security protocols and breaches that can wreak havoc on users and companies. Over the 14 years I’ve been programming I have detected the changes and more innovative ways that bad players are finding to infiltrate and steal valuable data from people and wanted to do my part in putting a stop to it.

We’re currently in the process of building new models and solutions that have this in mind, and my goal is to prevent people from losing the integrity of their info to bad actors.

Do You Have Any Favourite FiveM Scripts That You Enjoy Playing?

There are simply too many to pin down – I’ve been impressed at the level of nuance and innovation that programmers have implemented into their FiveM mods and couldn’t be happier to explore them all on my own and with the wider community. With so many scripts in the ESX, QBUS, NoPixel, and VRP realm, it would take a lifetime to dive into what makes each one so special.

I suppose one of my favourites has to be the Football Game System V3 which allows anyone on a server to play a game of proper football with scores being displayed and even allowing for live spectators to sit and watch. It’s a simple, but clever way of using the game mechanics to create a whole new thing!

Finally, What’s Next For You & The FiveM Store?

As I mentioned earlier, myself and the whole FiveM Store team are always working on the creating, developing, and implementing a new model of solutions for ISPs, GSPs, and general Web protocols to better secure users’ data and keep hacker activity irrelevant. We’re also always providing new and exciting FiveM scripts for users to discover and play.

Thank you Mahdi for your time!

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