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Angel Fletcher

Lose weight quickly and safely (and keep it off for good) with Truvy

Angel Fletcher knows the difficulties that come with weight loss and maintaining your health. After she and her daughter had realized that they needed to lose some weight, they partnered with innovative brand Truvy and immediately began to feel the effects.

The products from Truvy are carefully designed to boost energy, regulate appetite, and support people in making better decisions for themselves and their bodies. Angel talks to us about how exactly Truvy can help and why their brand is so unique when it comes to weight loss success.

What motivated you to partner with Truvy and when did it all begin?

My partnership with Truvy started nearly 7 years ago.  It began because I needed to lose some weight and my daughter was in poor health from being morbidly obese and together, we wanted to shed those unwanted pounds J We purchased the products and immediately found that we were eating less, had more energy and were making better decisions.  Naturally when you are feeling better, eating less, being more active and not junking out, your body responds by letting go of some of that stored fat. The key is to be consistent long term so that these things replace the habits that created the weight gain and give you the power to maintain your new body.

What is the most common problem you see in weight loss programs?

The most common problem we found with weight loss problems are they are over-priced, over-promised and then they under deliver. They promote their products as some miracle. We don’t.  These products are a tool to give you the power over food and the energy to be more active.  We do not promise that you can sit on the couch, eat whatever you want, take our supplements and lose weight. That is just not how this works.

What are the Truvy Boost drinks and how do they help with losing weight?

The Truvy Boost drinks are a powder stick that you shake into a bottle of water with your breakfast and then again with your lunch.  They are a plant-based supplement that supports a smaller appetite, gives you more energy, supports healthy blood sugar, increases thermogenesis and helps you manage cravings. They are one powerful convenient formula, available in two delicious flavors, Rubi Rev (my favorite) and Citrine Spark.


What is the Truvy Boost Capsule Combo and how does it work?

The Truvy Boost Capsule Combo is made up of our 2 flagship products the Tru and the Vy Boost.

Vy Boost helps you take control of your weight loss and energy. You can feel more energized naturally, optimize body fat while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and suppress your appetite without feeling starved. With ingredients like green tea extract and natural caffeine, Vy Boost is perfect for those who are looking for more energy, mental clarity, increased focus, and improved weight management. It can also benefit those who exercise by providing more energy and focus during workouts. What more could you need?

  • Clear Focus
  • Revived Metabolism
  • Natural Energy
  • Appetite Control

Tru is our secret to supporting blood chemistry. It’s our famous truFIX formula enhanced with 100% more decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract and formulated using plant-based ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Magnesium, Raspberry Ketones, and Cinnamon Bark Extract. Tru supports all systems of the body and makes maintaining your general health easier than ever!

  • Easy to Swallow Capsule
  • Scientific Formula
  • Supports Blood Chemistry
  • Top Quality Plant-Based Ingredients

Together they make an incredible weight loss and weight management combo.  Truvy Boost works to balance your body, boost energy and support a thriving metabolism so you can feel your best and reach your body composition goals. There’s never been a better match!

Who would most benefit from choosing your weight loss kits?

We have a wide range of people having success using our products, from the everyday average overweight person to the gym rat. With how fast paced life is these days we all need energy, even those that don’t need to lose weight.

Finally, there are many firms offering weight loss products, what is it that makes your company unique?

Truvy is different.  They don’t just say they are different they just are.  It isn’t some advertisement or some gimmick….  People matter, their health matters and their family’s matter! First and foremost, they have a 7-day experience pack for $29 so that you can experience the products before you invest in a month supply. They believe that if you don’t feel a difference in 7 days there is no point in buying it for 70. They have a 10K pledge program where you can walk your way into free products. Truvy wants you to live a fuller, more active life so they reward you for walking.

Truvy is not your typical network marketing company, they are a Health, Weight Loss and Wellness company that chooses to use the network marketing business model without all the negative things that people associate with those kinds of businesses.  We do not have an “enrollment fee” because they don’t think you should have to pay a fee to buy products for the very best price. There is also no required autoship and you always have complete control over your account.

So, safe, affordable and effective products backed by science and hundreds of thousands of REAL results from REAL people. A business model that allows anyone to do business with them.  A company that promotes living a healthy active lifestyle to lose weight and take control of your health. These are ALL unique to this marketplace and EXACTLY what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Thank you Angel for your time!

You can follow up with Angel Fletcher and start loosing weight with products at

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