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Las Vegas real estate agent Linda S Tran discusses her approach to property sales

While Las Vegas is a unique holiday destination for those who want to enjoy its world-famous attractions, it’s also a place where many different kinds of Americans choose to live and work. Those seeking to buy or sell property in Las Vegas would do well to engage Linda S Tran, a local real estate agent with over 25 years experience in the city she calls home.

Linda kindly responded to a few questions about her background and approach to real estate in Las Vegas.

Hi Linda, what is your background and story of becoming a real estate agent?

I started in real estate in 2004 and worked as an onsite new homes sales agent representing the developer.  When the market tanked in 2008, I got out for a few years and have been active for the last 3 years and have decided to build my brand and identity when COVID hit, which was a few months ago.

Were there any initial challenges you faced when becoming a real estate agent?

Absolutely. I think being a woman, a minority, and knowing that you have to go out every day to make it happen in terms of building rapport, relationships, and lifetime friendships is undoubtedly a challenge vs. sitting on a new home sales track where you don’t necessarily have to go find business ..but the business comes to you.

What type of customers generally come to you in need of real estate assistance?

I love and enjoy working with all types of clients from the newly married couple, singles, empty nesters, retirees. The people who come to me are often frustrated with other real estate agents and seek a simple, no-nonsense service that gets them results.

What can people expect when getting involved with your assistance?

When they choose to work with me, people can expect care, compassion, trust, and honesty. I have their best interest in mind and only want the best for them. It certainly has to be a win-win for both, and we both have to be on the same page for it to work.

In your experiences, what is the most common mistake made by customers when purchasing a new home?

Who you choose to represent you when you buy or sell your home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make during your move.  Your real estate agent can make the process smooth, quick, and painless, or they can make it long, expensive, and painful. As Las Vegas’ trusted local realtor, I strive to make the transition smooth, stress-free and seamless for all my client that way they can sit back and let me take the stress off of them.

What would be your advice to someone trying to sell their home in the current economic climate?

Just do your research and make sure you choose an agent that knows what they are doing, one that is full time and has their best interest in mind.

Do you expect the real estate landscape to change significantly over the next few years?

It’s been busier than ever, and I expect it to get even better.

What advice would you give to a first home buyer?

I have a lot of helpful tips on my blog and website for first-time homebuyers, including a free buyers’ guide that will walk them through the home buying journey from A to Z. With this knowledge, they can then find a trusted realtor in their local area, or I will be happy to refer them to one.