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Katina Zantt interview: How you can transform your skin with CLR SKN

Skincare is an extremely important investment as it works wonders for boosting your confidence and giving you a radiant glow both inside and out. Katina Zantt developed her online store CLR SKN after discovering a passion for helping people achieve this glow. The store stocks a number of high quality skin care products and accessories that are sure to give you the most luxurious skin of your life in no time. Katina shares her tips and tricks for transforming your skin.

Hi Katina, to begin can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an ex teacher who has decided to start an online store. I am also retired from the Air Force after serving for seven years. On top of this, I also have a Master’s degree in business administration.

How did you become interested in the skincare industry?

My teenage daughter loves to purchase beauty products on Amazon. It got me intrigued about starting an online business. After watching countless videos about opening a Shopify store. I said what the heck?

What motivated you to develop your business CLR SKN?

It was mostly a desire to be self employed and to leave a legacy for my kids that motivate me to develop CLR SKN. I wanted to create generation wealth.

What kind of skincare products do you sell at CLR SKN?

We mostly sell accessories. Things like LED face masks, makeup brush cleaners, and Nano mist sprayers.

You also sell products for makeup. Can you tell us about those?

While we don’t sell specific makeup products, we do have accessories such as a makeup brush cleaner available.

How important is having good skin to you?

Very important. Hydrating your skin and taking good care of it has a number of long lasting positive health effects.

What is your favorite product from CLR SKN?

The LED face mask. I think it’s a cool alternative to going to a doctor and paying costly medical fees.

What fundamental skincare tip would you give to people?

Drink lots of water and eat right. It goes a long way for having radiant skin.

Thank you Katina for your time!

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