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Just Call Ma: The Lux Estate Expert

Selecting a competent real estate agent is a crucial step in the home-buying process and requires careful consideration. An ideal real estate agent can offer valuable expertise and support throughout your journey to homeownership, making sure that you make the right decisions for your specific needs. 

Melea Avrach is a top-producing Los Angeles-based luxury real estate agent, who has been lauded for her pallet of expertise, and knowledge of niche homes.

She has established herself as a premier real estate expert with her website,, and her presence on social media, Instagram, and Facebook under the username @justcallma. 

She brings with her an eight-year-long experience in the industry and has accumulated a vast pool of knowledge and expertise to benefit her patrons.

“I have overcome numerous challenges in my career and have learned valuable lessons along the way.” Says Avrach.

she continued, “I believe that clarity, the courage to step into the unknown, and faith in one’s path are crucial for spotting opportunities and making the most of them!” 

Her entrepreneurial roots have equipped Melea with the skills and persistence to excel in the cutthroat real estate market. Her passion for assisting others, coupled with her zeal for performing to the best of her abilities, sets her apart from her competitors in the niche.

Melea, a natural problem solver, focuses on the needs and desires of others with an altruistic outlook. “I realized that offering luxury services entails much more than just a premium price tag and is, instead, about creating a luxurious atmosphere in each encounter,” stated Avrach.

A friendly and amiable disposition helps to put her clients at ease, even in the most trying of circumstances.

Melea’s current objective for the year is to increase market dominance and nurture the growth of her team. Her long-term aim is to emerge as a leader in developing advanced homes and home technologies that are eco-friendly and disaster-proof. Melea is also thrilled to be associated with the creation of a Zen/Spa retreat home, set to be released in mid-February with a price tag of $4 million!


Melea remains dedicated to catering to specific niches, such as homes for artists, senior/estate homes, and homes for individuals undergoing divorce and asset division planning. Recently, she was featured in LA Weekly as a top real estate agent and is always eager to interact with new people.

Another thing that sets Melea apart from other agents, is her intricate grasp of different neighborhoods of Los Angeles, particularly the Northeast, and Altadena. 

Her unwavering dedication to both her community service projects and her clients is unparalleled; she aspires to give everyone she works with, regardless of whether they are first-time home buyers or experienced investors, the best service possible. 

Moreover, her impressive experience in wealth development and consultative sales makes her an ideal choice for those searching for a home. Her international connections and access to the latest developments in the market further complement her already impressive credentials. Whatever the need, Melea is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure her clients are provided with the necessary support and guidance.

Melea Avrach is a formidable presence in the world of luxury real estate, armed with her entrepreneurial background, drive to help others, and client-centered approach, Melea stands tall as a top real estate professional with the capability to succeed. 

Looking to buy or sell a home? Just call ‘Ma’!