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Joilson Melo

Joilson Melo, a Brazilian law student dedicated to improving justice in his country

Being a lawyer can be one of the most challenging jobs, both personally and financially. Depending on your vision and your choices of parts to follow the passion, lawyers continue to help those trapped with the darkness of injustice.

Generally, the cases are related to financial frauds on marital problems, but some cases are more complicated when justice is at a higher stake. Being a lawyer comes with a lot of responsibility and a pledge that ensures that the person will never misuse his knowledge towards his personal, financial aur illegitimate gains.

Jolison Junior de Melo, aka Joilson Melo, is one of Brazil’s most prominent and rising future lawyers. He is famously known for his fearless approach towards injustice and misuse of justice by certain influential people in his country. Although he’s just a law student, he is widely known for his request and objections to Brazil’s recent illegitimate and malpractices in CNJ (National Council of Justice).

Joilson Melo

Who is Joilson Melo? 

Joilson Junior de Melo, popularly known as Joilson Melo, was born on September 20,

1988, in Cuiaba, Brazil. He is currently a law student at Fasip College, situated in the heart of Sinop in the state of Mato Grosso. The 32-year-old law student has an excellent image for raising his voice against the injustice in his country. To date, he has been part of many movements that pointed out the malpractices of different organisations in the country.

He envisions becoming one of the most talented and knowledgeable people in the community of Law.

He believes his success must stay updated on the newly added rules and regulations in the field of Law. Like any other profession, being updated in the law profession is also one of the most crucial factors. As a person witnesses new cases, there will be recent rulings and changing regulations. It is believed that if a person of Law is not updated and well-read about the law regulations in his country, it will be pretty easy to fall behind in no time.

We are also aware that behind every excellent law firm established, there is an army of well-read and updated law practitioners and consultants. Joilson Melo believes that a Law practitioner or consultant’s success is not defined by the number of cases he has won or the amount of wealth he has generated in a single year. But it is about the diverse knowledge and skills the person has gained to face a situation of any scale or level.

Joilson Melo, in his law experience, has marked several milestones by raising his voice and fighting against the malpractice of the judicial system. He has filed a request for action in the National council of justice (CNJ) with Minister Humberto Eustaquio Soares Martin’s as a rapporteur. In this case of action, it is informed that the Plenary video of the National council of justice has been considered a possible event, with special contacts of civil courts. Joilson Melo has been the most proactive person in this action. This particular position of the citizens of groceries holds the Digital certificate. According to the corresponding procedural class, which is precise in the language of Law without a specific need of the law participation. These words might confuse a non-specialist, but in terms of Law, it expresses the involvement of the citizens who are responsible enough to request action against a particular practice that can be eradicated from the society.

Joilson Melo, from a very young, is observing that the legal area in his country that is Brazil, is broken and his committing such mistakes, which creates an adverse effect on the citizens of the country. There is a massive gap between the poor and the privileged in Brazil. Due to the weak decision-making of the legal system, it is almost impossible to serve the poor with reasonable policies and regulations that could provide more jobs and opportunities. But it is generally observed that the elite politicians, influential organisations, and the country’s privilege take advantage of the loopholes in the legal system of Brazil. Joilson Melo has been contributing to many legal cases in the country, and he aims to bring change with the help of his disruptive knowledge of Law and the legal system.

He wants to win the cases and wants to fix the legal system in his country. Joilson’s short-term goal is to complete the law course graduation and become deserving of the public tender for a magistrate. And his long term goal is to create a law firm dedicated to giving justice to thousands of people and fixing the legal system in Brazil.