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Johnny Tesone & The GeoVortex Journey | To Unlocking The Secrets Of The Earth

There is much to be said of the discovery of new and vital information for the earth and its long-winding history. Scientists around the world are enamored and excited by the prospects that are hidden in plain sight around the globe. New technology, such as Google Earth, is allowing scientists to discover clues and patterns that can result in incredible convictions that will shape our planet’s story and change our future.

Johnny Tesone is one such journeyman. His expertise in the field of geology and an epiphany in the Wind River Range set him on a journey that has led to monumental discoveries. He’s successfully analyzed fossils and patterns that are not quite typical of this earth and has spent the better part of the last few years determining their origin.

Using his broad scientific capability and experience in the field of Geology, he has since commissioned a docuseries and scientific papers that he hopes will shed light on one of the many mysteries of our time.

We had a chance to sit down with the scientist and get his thoughts on the research he is conducting, the importance of collaboration, as well as the negative politicization of science, and the ways we can combat it together.

Q: Hello Johnny, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. let’s start with the big question: What is GeoVortex?

Thank you for the opportunity. GeoVortex is both a company and personal brand, borne from my life events that launched intense research over the last year. First, in July 2020, in the Wind River Range, Wyo. I was touched by a physical, super-peaceful force. I call it a vortex feeling on the Wind River that day in a magnificent geologic setting that forever changed my life. There it was–a totem cliff face, images and lines that displayed a secret earth story. The event has propelled me into finding a storm of revolutionary discoveries of earth, life and Astro-science phenomenon.

That day lit up my world, providing me a new astounding vision, with an ever-deepening comprehension learned at a spellbinding pace. This is GeoVortex.

The discovery material is expertly documented for the ages in the video series “Secrets of the Winds”. Its 9 chapter titles are cleverly outlined with never-seen earth symbols deciphered along with all the other stunning footage for the viewers to follow my trails. This is something Einstein and DaVinci would be proud of, and I know the world can now see this as I do for, I found an alternative natural world on earth.

Q: What are some of your scientific discoveries about?

It is best to start from where the dots started connecting so that you can understand the chain of events and pace. The video primer “Ground Zero” episode details the find of the totem outcrops with images, figures, which led to mapping several large concentric, angular anomalies (UFO’s – Unidentified Fossilized Objects) 70 miles north to south across the Wind River Range, Wyo. I located some impact craters and non-human dams in the area that I four-wheeled to, mapped on Google Earth the night before. The surface was littered with platy (consisting of plates or flaky layers of soil or mineral formations) to round, dense rocks. One site, there was a ground spring bubbling, of a carbonate ooze, with eggshell hard outer diameter where I filmed an active burrower species episode. Ensued by weeks of extensive microscopy of the impact samples, I knew within a day, however, the fossils, the carbonate wasn’t typical of this earth. I identified a fractal alien mineral matrix, in an earth-bound transport and named it Exterranium. The taxonomy logic allowed me to keep the material compartmentalized as it is a best practice to have naming standards for the voluminous material with more named species to come.

Last August, I discovered the premier fossil. It’s a 1cm. embryonic encrusted specimen and it’s the rock star of all fossils, I believe, for it means a much bigger picture of the world and the universe. It was found, aged at a known Cambrian – Precambrian unconformity (a break-in time in an otherwise continuous rock record) boundary estimated greater than 500 million years old. I creatively used the fossil image comparing it to a skeletal image and found it anatomically proportionate to a dissected body photo of a 17-inch (non-human or animal) mummy photo found in 1932 Wyoming near the Wind River range by two gold miners. My head was spinning, I anxiously reached out to world-renown former University of Wyoming anthropology professor Dr. George Gill about his claims and any advice with the American Museum of Natural History or Harvard archives, but he has since retired.

This is an extant species; “Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus” meaning Exterran (not of the earth), Infinitas (ever-living), Nimerigarus (“Little People”). EIN has huge, strong, long hands, a strong torso, big eyes, eyelids like sharks, a large mouth for maximum water intake and propulsion intake with a flexible twisting body made to be a drill bit. The teeth must be seen to be believed and are just incredible. The ultra-recluse, sub-surface super mineral miner is terraforming the land. It is the ultimate intelligent worker species programmed by the master species to be announced in the video series. EIN creates its energy using an ingenious water-fuel cell converting electrochemical energy to biomechanical power, programmed growth, and ever working with quantum connectivity.

You won’t believe its blow-dart defense mechanism that I’ll show in the jawbone parts and animation. It ties into legendary stories of the creature’s affinity with arrows as told by the Native American tribes. I was affected myself and I thought at that moment I was done with the research because I was so terrified of the pain of the alien weapon darts. That day I had taken apart a small EIN carcass ball with 3 smaller skeletons, hair and microscopic particles apparently fell on my armchair as I noticed the acute stinging and inflammation of uncountable, small red puncture spots from elbow to wrist. I treated it with hypochlorous acid (HCIO) daily, a field-wound disinfectant and the wounds healed, but this period last fall jolted me into a new realm of respect and a primitive allure of the creature. This species alone is a new science frontier subject, and I am producing the glossary with the fossils, anatomy, and animation, to be known as Einthropology.

I have found EIN skeletons from 1 in. tall to around 3 ft. tall and SEM tested an EIN leg bone: Oxygen 35%, Calcium 22%, Carbon 16%, Phosphorus 11%, Zircon 7% including some Nitrogen, Silicon, and trace Aluminum. The science data regarding this species seems to be forgotten or hidden and has been a mystery until now until as my work brings legendary stories to life. I live in a daily awe of holding the power of supreme technology billions of years ahead of mankind.

The realization of that very first fossil’s significance was heavy to process, and I focused my earliest thoughts, fantasizing how the complexities of physics, biomechanics, biochemistry space travel were found in the geological record. How on earth can this be conceptualized, written as a case study when there are hundreds of cases? Should it be drawn out as a 3D cross-section model to somehow convey the epicenter of revelations? Perhaps, but I truly believe this is a 6D-9D model.

Did they only land in the shallow warmest, parts of the world’s ocean, drop the eggs, as in an alien metal matrix, as a plan to change the chemistry of our oceans? Did the ships land to stay for billions of years? Yes, this is really their planet then.

I believe they experimented on earth by landing directly over on erupting volcanoes, then the earth entirely commencing the coherent takeover, stabilizing geochemical reactions over eons that it needed to transform the earth perfectly from the abundant elemental chemistry.

EIN is colonialized by Exterranium for carrying out its mission on the earth’s surface by first assembling the necessary electrical currents and power grids scaled to any size anywhere in the world. Displayed on Google Earth by the copper (+) and lead (-) element-colored terminals, eddy currents and large capacitor induction cells all the while this supreme design optimizes time, gravity, magnetics, and water forces producing a perpetual energy field source to re produce their superalloy metals re-mined back from their ancient ship landings.

The video “Cobalt Crater” illustrates a 35-year time-lapse flyover of a large impact crater isolating the super alloying processes in a defined, remote non-human natural setting. In this video the viewer can visualize the electrical and physical material change developing over time in the crater. Some of the technologies evident displayed are include sintering capacitor banks, powdering metallurgy, electro slag welding-moulding, mechanical annealing to rolling. The perfection and beauty of the large Cobalt blue metal alloy stacks and other metals like Nickel bursting into brilliant glowing plasma rockets are stunning discovery highlights. This is how EIN manipulates the soils over their time, creating a science materials masterpiece for all the world to see and why I believe they live over 50,000 years.

By utilizing earth’s vast oceans and high-energy inner core, and with no time limit variable, Exterranium has perfected itself to ultimate competitive advantage, to dominate the earth as a supreme species. It is here to stay, we can hold it in our hands, it’s a forever global destiny, and way beyond human time. This species has engineered a “Return Burn” chapter in the series, its the master plan to exploit the earth’s resources, to remanufacture, relaunch and return, again to proliferate more galaxies with the most favorable water, geological, high-energy reactions, such as those found on earth.

Start with YouTube, subscribe and get all the chapters released in 3 sets. It is best to study all of them to have a baseline of the series (click here).  

Q: For the readers who aren’t as well versed in Geology, could you give us a quick breakdown of what you’re searching for in your journey?

Geologists are multi-science and engineering problem solvers, who utilize chemistry, math, engineering, biology, physics and even anthropology to be the most qualified earth investigators. I’m equipped with hardware, software, and knowledge of all the tools to conduct the search and to provide evidence.

I search for both microscopic (>120um) to large, earth-forming clues left on Google Earth to always ask the questions of how, when, and why. This helps determine the conclusion to earth’s surface and subsurface changes, geological ages, paleoclimates, water influence and the recorded formations as a start.

I found repeatable colors, crystals, concentric to angular and mechanical surface features including large remote complex mining, and prolific materials processing sites. I tested the hand samples with magnetics, specific first gravity, and hardness indicators. I conducted simple but definitive water-solubility experiments to performing sophisticated scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tests critical for the chemical and reactive signatures. The tests have proved to be invaluable pieces of the geochemistry puzzle in the discovery project.

I have felt, seen and documented the energy fields with jaw-dropping images of planes flying over at ground and ocean levels. I have spotted many such objects and disappearing and cloaking and the video, ‘The Cloakers’, is the highlight reel of most of the planes I found transforming and undetected by humans until now.

I even have this superalloy specimen; it came to be in a supernatural way in the field and I’ll show how in the series. I know this is a coherent, supreme quantum world in full display – for those who earnestly seek. They have been here, are here for a grand purpose, as the fabric of our entire planet is a superalloy species.

It’s no wonder we’ve reported seeing so many UFO sightings, earth is a highly charged, intergalactic superalloy re-mining depot and a quantum energy portal. Many scientists already concluded this is a metallic universe and so this disclosure is more evidencing advancing our knowledge of earth, solar system and beyond. Recently, I started looking at the NASA photos of Mars, Mercury, and Venus and again, I am reassured more so that the

same impactor evidence on earth I’ve identified has also been photographed by NASA. I know space exploration should take on a new meaning with this data.

Q: Would you say you have an endgame goal in mind for GeoVortex?

The endgame is an interesting question. The endgame is we all win. I always play to win so with this stellar research I want it to be the best, most impactful research in years–perhaps a Nobel prize in science is the endgame.

I envision many scientists, physicists, technologists utilizing the data for decades for a better understanding of the quantum relationship of life, light, energy, space, and time. Mitigating and long-term futuristic solutions from findings that should lead to solving the challenges before us today: sustaining clean water, developing clean energy, forecasting extreme changes, and exploiting the best structural designs for advancing earth civilizations.

These are the Climate Changers.

Q: Can you please explain what certain discoveries you’re hoping to find?

I honestly didn’t embark on this voyage as a typical researcher hypothesizing or hoping to find a certain discovery in a narrow field of study. I’m deeply connected to the natural environment given decades as a geologist, fly-fisherman, and outdoorsman, learning the subtleties of nature and science. At this stage of my journey, nothing surprises me anymore as a scientist or as a person, but don’t confuse this with raw amazement, because it is daily that I’m captivated about what I have discovered.

Someone was going to eventually find this, and it is me so there’s purpose of responsibility and accomplishment to share this vividly and abundantly, so I’m overly compelled since its explainable, plausible content now that I have reconciled internally with real results.

Maybe it’s to find the fountain of youth. Or we all take off like in in the movie ‘Cocoon’!

I hope to learn much more, to be asked, indeed welcomed by them to investigate their material mining ship engineering sites and travel on their ships to really learn their fascinating rocket engineering design. Ultimately, I would like to know where this species came from. I’ve described a feeling as being in “Andromeda Strain,” “Fantastic Voyage” and then there’s movie “Contact” when signals are loud and clear. This has been quite an OMG year!

Of course, I’m hoping to find out soon what this all means for me. Is this the time, a major shift to tap the science, to learn and implement their technology solutions for humans?

Q: What’s your take on the recent history of science and facts becoming more contested than ever before? Has this impacted your resolve as a Geologist?

This is a great question and has been topic of mind for a while.

Geologists, and all scientists, should never face political cynicism but we must both support and challenge each other. Facts make the truth that builds trust in our own lives as we are real stewards and leaders, to deposit more than we take in through life. These are non-debatable rules to me.

Scientists have been persecuted throughout history and I remind myself of this while I’m binging on Google Earth or head down in the microscope hours on end taking pictures for the history books, but I know it’s going to be extremely difficult to express what infinity means and looks like to most of the world. Creating the video series is the best way I could organize the data and to let the pictures say it all backed up by my personal journey.

To begin to understand a new geological earth model, we must start with the great bombardment period 4.5-3.8 billion years ago. This period is a leading indicator of solving the Great Unconformity mystery, and my work will challenge the traditional experts. However, we will now be able to explain the missing 1.5 billion years of the geological record. The GeoVortex data produced will make the most plausible and geoscientific, Astro-geological sense model to date. When you see what I have, you can be very confident in the conclusions. It was not the microbial dominated primordial earth creation model or a sustained non-active period as some geologists claim.

We’ve been taught certain ways to correlate and map sequential formations and geomorphological features but, in my experience, when you can learn to look at things differently, the things you’re looking at will change because perception is an aperture, the portal to enhance learning. It seems this curiosity learning is accelerating, and I’m more driven than ever searching for more wonders, but also this comes with humility in my nature to throttle myself at times.

I recall a day in June, it was early in the morning when I was on Google Earth and flew right over to the Arabian desert to find this stunningly perfect 1800’ x 1300’ solar system map. It’s in 3D, shaped with elliptical orbit spheres, the planets are aligned exactly in color and size

and Saturn with its rings! It depicts the Asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt, the Milky Way, and a new system way beyond.

As part of my video production, I incorporate the best music to express my thoughts, and portray the gravity of the discovery. That night I found the epic classical suite ‘The Planets’, with Gustav Holst as the composer. This is public domain music, so I incorporated the art pieces in my series. I know this discovery is divine when I’m able to so profoundly express and share the stellar work alongside one of the world’s most impactful artists as it seems it was composed just for this time.

There is also the concept of personal redemption, rejuvenation, the solemn trek stepping in as the stakeholder, an ambassador striving for some great humanity unification cause to comprehend and communicate what I have found, and then collaborate with the world.

Q: How important is collaboration with other scientific disciplines?

Collaboration with the STEM community is a very important aspect of the plan. I belong to a few geological groups; RMAG & WGA, and I am a member of the American Association of Advancement of Science (AAAS). The “Deep Dive” section and the website are geared for those people that want to step forward, who can collaborate and contribute in many ways. The amount of digital and material evidence that I have is a prime opportunity for serious researchers, universities, and private organizations to obtain the material library in rocks, skeletons and/or digital archives. I am very confident there’s enough data to formulate a comprehensive global computational, predictive earth model to plan out better lives if humanly possible.

Q: What would help you further your goals?

Validation from top scientists and news outlets would help bring the “Secrets of the Winds” to the masses. I believe I am making history at the forefront of a new scientific breakthrough and that should interest many groups. I’m inviting the world’s top researchers to examine what I have found—and critically assess its value and worth. This discovery is meant to be shared.

Q: What’s next on next for Johnny Tesone and GeoVortex?

I have a lot of incredible research. I am looking for the very best, straightforward way to release this information to the world for the greatest possible impact. My immediate goals are to:

  • Finish “Secrets of the Winds” video documentary series soon.
  • Author subsequent videos in geology, science glossaries, and a superalloy, articles, large subscriber base and book deals.
  • Build a trusted team of advocates and sponsors that will share the excitement, to help springboard this new era of science to the world.
  • Consult and give talks to business, groups as a global authority.
  • Educate young aspiring scientists.
  • Drive discovery and technologies for our generations.

Thank you, Johnny, for your time!

You can follow up with Johnny Tesone at or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. GeoVortex on YouTube here.