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John Bolte from PathO3Gen Solutions discusses the development of footwear sanitizing stations

John Bolte from PathO3Gen Solutions wants to help flatten the curve, quite literally a step at a time. The Footwear Sanitizing Station is an innovative product that, when placed at points of entry, disinfects people’s shoes, and reduces the spread of dangerous infections.

John was kind enough to answer a few questions about PathO3Gen Solutions and their product.

John, what is your background and how did you get started with PathO3Gen Solutions?

My background is in international logistics and shipping. I was President, COO, and part owner of BDP International, one of the largest, privately held logistics companies in the world. Scott Beal, our current COO, worked at M2, and we have had the pleasure of knowing each other for a while. He was researching multiple start-ups, and so was I. He and I discussed Patho3gen, and eventually he was hired on as COO. I was looking for ways to save lives, and he convinced me to meet with the owners at the time. My wife and I felt that this was a noble cause, and the base for a great business.

What were some early challenges in getting the Footwear Sanitizing Station developed?

The first FSS was designed well. However, the first manufacturer we used came with some difficulties, and the manufacturing of the first generation was done poorly. When Scott came on board, he recognized the manufacturing challenges. We then switched manufacturing to FDD and they fixed all original units in inventory. However, we still had work to do in order to ensure the product capabilities, and certification. We discovered it was categorized as a class one UV lighting device. We had it tested and certified by UL. But those were not the big challenges.

Science was the key to success. We had our product tested by multiple independent labs. This is where we excelled! We have some of the highest elimination rates against the most difficult pathogens, bacteria and viruses in the world!  Most recently when tested against the FDA recommended surrogate for COVID-19, our product was shown to eliminate it with zero residue left behind. We achieved 100% elimination of Coronavirus, we use the word eliminated because it completely wiped it out, and we don’t say kill, because technically you cannot kill a virus, because it was never alive. Bottom line is, our Footwear Sanitizing Station eliminated 100% of Coronavirus in 8 seconds, and that’s what’s important.

However, we still had hurdles. Such as convincing the world how much floors matter and how we can help to reduce HAI’s in the medical sector, while producing log reductions on all major pathogens at a rate between 4.5 and 5.2, some of the best rates in the market. We donated our FSS to a Florida based hospital chain and we let the data speak for itself. Our product showed major reductions in HAIs and showed the value of proactively keeping pathogens and viruses from walking into and out of any/all facilities. Now, with the current pandemic, there is credible literature showing that not only do pathogens live on the floor, then go airborne, but medical workers are leaving facilities with the Coronavirus on their shoes, and potentially spreading this nasty virus, beyond the doors of the facility. I believe our days of jumping hurdles are behind us, as the world now understands the role of the floor in disseminating diseases. We have the product that should become the standard in the medical industry, as well as many other industries.

UVZone (UVC + Ozone) Shoe Sanitizing Station

How does the Footwear Sanitizing Station work?

It’s quite simple to use, for a very complex piece of technology. You simply place it at an entrance or exit way, the user steps on it for 8 seconds and 99.99% + of all pathogens, bacteria and viruses have their DNA denatured, and hence destroyed. It can be placed anywhere, quickly and easily, so an entire facility, large or small, can be armed and ready in less than a day.

What makes the Footwear Sanitizing Station different from just washing footwear?

Washing footwear takes chemicals, time and manpower. Studies show that it is almost impossible to achieve our destruction rates with a cleanser. Using cleaning as a solution is not even practical when you think it through. Everyone entering a facility, a hallway inside a facility, or walking into another room of a facility would have to wash their shoes as the enter or exit anywhere, multiple times an hour, and still that protocol would be inconsistent, inconvenient and not practical for a medical or business facility. Imagine trying this in a hospital or restaurant, or anywhere people gather?  Even if the protocol was followed, the results would be minimal. Our unit guarantees easy use, consistency, and results, all while conveying visible signs of safety to the workers and general public.

Who can use the Footwear Sanitizing Station and who could get the most benefits from it?

Honestly, as we progress and develop additional FSS’s for public and private use, everyone in the general public, working or living in any industry will feel the benefit of our products. For now, the people that could benefit the most, right this second, on April 13, 2020, are the medical workers, EMT, Police and all first responders, as well as their families. We want to help them flatten the curve and contain the Coronavirus while aiding in protecting them from spreading the virus inside and outside their facilities.

Are there any plans for the development of new PathO3Gen Solutions’ products?

Yes, we will develop FSS’s for the private and public sectors. We are in the process of designing the next generation of FSS which will be flatter, have more high-tech displays, read outs, instructions and dashboard displaying critical information on pathogens destroyed. As well as keeping the hospital, factory, and management informed on usage and collective accomplishments achieved for each facility where our product is in use. In addition, we have a patent pending for the development of our hand-held wands that will be used to sanitize all surfaces, equipment, and tools used above the floor. It’s a very exciting time to help our world be safer and aid in the reduction of diseases and play our part in saving lives.

Thank you John for your time!
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