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Joey Feste Helps Von Miller Make Pivotal Decision Regarding the Future

Joey Feste is a Senior Managing Partner at KM Capital Management, Ltd. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the esteemed University of Texas, before going on to become a Registered Investment Advisor Representative.

Together, Joey Feste and his son, Joey Feste Jr., have helped transform KM Capital Management into one of the leading private wealth management firms operating anywhere today. Even though their operations are continually expanding, their original focus is not – they always seek to provide a comprehensive, personalized level of care and attention-to-detail to each and every client that walks through their doors.

Among their clients are athletes, entertainers, and other high net-worth individuals. Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr., along with all the company’s team members, pride themselves on a level of professionalism that clients simply won’t be able to find anywhere else. They bring with them experience in not only investments but also personal finance and even legal issues, working hard to help people identify and achieve all of their goals and beyond.

One such client who Joey Feste has developed a relationship with over the years was Von Miller. After playing college football at the renowned Texas A&M, Miller started his professional career in earnest after being a second-round pick in the 2010 Draft. He played for the Denver Broncos. But in early 2022, he had a critical decision to make about the future of his career – and Joey Feste was by his side every step of the way.

Joey Feste and Von Miller: The Story So Far

Even though he is only 33-years-old, Von Miller already has two Super Bowl rings to his name. He was also named the Super Bowl MVP on one of those occasions. To say that his future in the sport is a bright one is likely something of an understatement. Still, in early 2022, he was forced to make what many considered to be the biggest decision of his life.

It was then that he entered free agency. While he never saw himself leaving his beloved Denver Broncos, there was something bigger on his mind – his dream of one day playing for the Buffalo Bills.

Miller’s representatives indicated that in just a few hours, no less than 10 teams called to see if Von Miller would be willing to play for them. Ultimately, the list was narrowed down to just two: the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills.

In a lot of ways, this is the culmination of something that almost happened several years earlier during the aforementioned draft. At that time, the Buffalo Bills had the number three pick. The Denver Broncos had the round two pick. At the time, Miller just assumed that he was going to the Broncos – something that he was happy about. That isn’t the way things played out, but it was something that had remained at the top of his mind from that moment forward.

Even after the draft, the Buffalo Bills still attempted to trade for Von Miller on three separate occasions. One time came in November 2021, when they offered him a six-year deal. That would be worth a total of $120 million, which itself included approximately $45 million in guaranteed money at signing for $51 million in guarantees overall.

The Rams, on the other hand, were willing to guarantee Von Miller about $18 million per year for a three-year deal. While this was a higher overall average than what the Buffalo Bills were offering, there were no guarantees beyond a second season that he would presumably play for.

The decision, naturally, was one that was filled with stress and anxiety for Von Miller. Those close to him – including both Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr. – indicated that he is “conflict adverse” at a baseline. He is also incredibly loyal. Even though it was never his dream to play for the Denver Broncos, he’d still made a career there. He’d made a life that he enjoyed in the area. Everything had gone incredibly well for him in the decade since the draft. The very idea of possibly giving that up for a world of uncertainty plagued him.

Because of that, he did what he always did – he turned to his inner circle for guidance. One person who is proud to be a part of that inner circle is Joey Feste, acting in his capacity as Von Miller’s financial manager.

That inner circle stated out quite large in the early days of Von Miller’s career, but had since been pared back to only people that he explicitly trusted. Joey Feste was honored to say that he made that cut.

Joey Feste, among others on the team, encouraged Von Miller to think about what the future might hold. Not just in terms of money, but where he could make the biggest positive impression and put his skills to the test. Where he thought he could win and continue the type of successful career that most people can only dream of. Where he actually wanted to spend such a significant portion of his life, giving his all to help forge a team that was stronger together than any one player could ever be on their own.

With that in mind, and after considering everything very carefully, Von Miller chose the Buffalo Bills. The rest, as they say, is history.

Based in Austin, Texas, Joey Feste is proud of everything that he, his son Joey Feste Jr., and the rest of the team at KM Capital Management have been able to accomplish since they originally opened their doors. They’ve been serving clients for over three decades with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. While the world around us may change, one thing remains the same: Joey Feste and his team will always help create the essential personal financial plans that his clients need to keep their lives healthy and in proper financial order at all times.


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