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Jason Smith from iPayTotal discusses international payment methods


Jason Smith is one of the key members of the team at iPayTotal, an international firm devoted to assisting merchants with finding different payment solutions for their needs. They are not a payment processing company. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the finance industry, Jason and his team strive to safeguard their clients from fraudulent practices. By doing so, iPayTotal can provide clients with strategies, options and solutions that mainstream financial institutions refuse to provide.

Fortunately for us, Jason was able to clarify some questions we had about iPayTotal and the international finance scene.

Hi Jason, when was iPayTotal founded and what was the main idea behind it?

iPayTotal was found on 12 May 2018. The main idea was to provide today’s leading edge transactional processing and business management solutions to high-risk business merchants in excellent manner.

In your view, what does iPayTotal do better than the mainstream financial companies, which oKen monopolize credit transactions?

iPayTotal is an All-in-one payment platform where we try to make it easy for the merchant. We help the merchants to simplify the complexities of payments which results in increase of their bottom-line profits both now and well into the future.

How do high-risk merchants benefit the most from your services and why is this the case?

We have gained experience working with thousands of companies and we understand all the obstacles associated with operating high-risk businesses. With this experience we have created a unique payment processing platform suitable for high risk businesses.

The international finance industry can be incredibly complicated. What have been some of the biggest challenges iPayTotal has faced throughout its lifetime?

We have faced many different challenges over the years. We struggled initially understanding various fraudulent activities and then worked on to provide high safety systems. Now our international payment gateway provides powerful built-in fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behaviour, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked.

You offer a wide range of services across different financial areas. In your experience, which of your services are the most popular with clients and why?

We mainly focus on high-risk industry. We understand the hardships, start-up costs, hassle and time involved with starting and running your own business – iPayTotal makes it easier on you by providing simple and hassle-free management of your merchant account services. And we believe in customer delight which keeps a long relationship with our clients.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your operations and, more importantly, what regulatory/economic changes do you think will occur over the next few years?

Coronavirus pandemic is shaking up businesses all over the world. However, when the pandemic hit we asked our team members to volunteer to work from home. Luckily most of them happily agreed to work from home and they are able to do it in a productive manner.

Covid-19 has taught us how things can change overnight and we cannot be fully prepared. Our focus should be using technology at its best. Educate and spread awareness about the use of technology. Countries should take initiatives to spread the use of technology and its benefits to the people. We need to be a nation of people who are peacefully driven. This can bring in a positive change in the future.

Jason, thank you for your time!
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