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Jako Hall

Jako Hall, Former Naval Officer, Explains How to Remain Motivated When Pursuing Career Goals

It is not a new-found fact that anyone can successfully meet goals through small steps, perseverance, and discipline. However, staying motivated plays a significant role in achieving goals as daily motivation is needed to help continuously take those small goal-oriented steps while practising a profession. Maintaining motivation can be a struggle when pursuing career goals, but it is how any working person can victoriously achieve one goal after another.

Jako Hall served as a naval officer for thirteen years in which he had to master meeting career goals to excel in his ranks. Hall breaks down his seven-step process on properly setting goals and remaining motivated while pursuing them.

7-step process on properly setting goals and remaining motivated:

Step #1: Find your “why”

When setting goals, it is crucial to understand your why or the purpose behind your actions and intentions. You might find yourself quicker to answer the “what” and “how” questions about a goal, but finding the “why” behind your goals will better fuel sustaining motivation. If money defines your “why,” you might want to rethink goals that are more true to you, as money motivation is not reliable for the long route.

Step #2: Write out your goals

After understanding your “why,” it is time to put your goals in writing. Start by organizing your thoughts, ideas, and tasks. Take this opportunity to arrange your workspace, too, as a clean environment with new goals readily welcomes new inspirational chapters.

Step #3: Envision yourself achieving your goals

As you write out your goals, it is vital to see yourself achieving your goals and visualize the results clearly. Doing so sets you up for success to stay motivated as you mentally prepare yourself for the hard work as well as the sweet victory of the finish line.

Step #4: Break down your goals

Once you have your “big picture” goals laid out, it is time to start planning your steps by breaking those goals down into simpler task-oriented objectives that will ultimately be the stepping stones to reaching your final vision. This process will help create a rough draft for your daily planning.

Step #5: Pick a motivation strategy

Your steps up to this point have helped boost your mental state to remain motivated while going for career goals. To better grasp what it takes to maintain long-term motivation, understand what motivation is and what motivation strategy works best for you.

Step #6: Incorporate positivity 

Keeping your mindset uplifted with external positive influence such as an inspirational book or podcast will help sustain your motivational level towards your goals. Positive information helps with self-affirmation and building confidence in your abilities to achieve what you imagine.

Step #7: Practice consistency

“Consistency is the glue that will piece your goals together,” said Jako Hall. During his years as a naval officer, Hall truly grasped the strength behind practising consistency. It is every day repetitive, dedicated action towards a primary goal that grants results over time. Those who can practice consistent steps towards goals while maintaining motivation will undoubtedly level up their goal-achieving skills and results.

About Jako Hall

Jako Hall is a skilled mariner who gained extensive experience in vessel operations, leadership, and management while serving as a naval officer for thirteen years. After serving in the Combat Branch on multiple warships, Jako transitioned into the superyacht industry. Sailing many oceans and remote destinations makes him uniquely qualified to handle any challenging maritime situation.