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Ivan Schroll reflects on his business, Global Games

Ivan Schroll has been an integral part of Global Games since its inception during the mid-2000s. As one of the best publishers of MMORPG, Global Games is a seasoned competitor when it comes to Online Games. If you’re interested in online gaming, it’s certainly worth checking out Global Games and what they have to offer, even if you haven’t ventured into PC gaming much in the past.

Fortunately for us, Ivan was able to talk about his journey with Global Games and even answer some questions.

Hi Ivan, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you started Global Games?

Global Games was established in 2005 as a cash/prepaid card reseller for TQ Digital Entertainment games (a total of 6 products). In 2009, our company decided to become a publisher and launch Conquer Online to our Brazilian audience, which remains one of our most successful MMORPGs. It can now be played on Android devices as well!

Conquest Online, the Brazilian version of Conquer Online, was launched in July 2010. After Conquest, in 2014, we published DayBreak Online till now. DayBreak Online was also published on Steam in June 2019.

We are currently working on a new social platform, which will be focused on our games.

How important is motivation for your work?

Motivation is incredibly important in any profession; however, it’s so important in our business. It’s the thing that keeps us moving forward, I mean, motivation is the main thing required by any team. It gives you a desire for change and innovation. Moreover, it’s vital to stimulating creativity in our employees and promoting success.

What did you want to do differently with the Global Games brand compared to others?

For Global Games, our primary goal has been to focus our efforts on a specific audience. From a strategic standpoint, we believe that it is better to have a strong appeal to a core audience or target market than perhaps diluting our appeal and manufacturing that for a broader audience. It won’t have the same value or effect.

What are some of the main features that make Global Games belts so convenient for games enthusiasts?

We are continually working on our IDC systems, which provides our players with the best connection service when playing our games. When your target audience can rely on your servers to be consistently useful, then you can expect strong return players. Additionally, we also have an impressive ticket resolution centre, which reflects our devotion to our loyal customer base.

Global Games must be 100% made by gamers for gamers. By knowing our target audience, we can speak the enthusiasts’ “language”. Because of this, we are authentic, transparent and sincere.

Where do you see Global Games in 10 years?

We believe that with our current trajectory, Global Games will be a well-known brand across the world. One day, we will be the most significant social gamer platform, and we’re excited about it. Meanwhile, I expect the next 10 years to be a time of intense learning for all the people of the world.

Thank you Ivan for your time!
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