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Ivan Lakshinsky discusses the importance of staying informed and connected during a global crisis

Ivan Lakshinsky is the creator of Coronastreet and Safe-Nation, two projects that successfully keep people both informed and supported during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Ivan answered some questions about his projects and his thoughts about staying connected and supporting each other through the virus.

Hi Ivan, what’s your background and what inspired you to create Coronastreet and Safe Nation?

My background is exceptional for me. I was born in Russia during perestroika and a new regime of Gorbachev, with a long-lasting economic depression after the crash of communism. I lived in the ghetto in Siberia. My dad was a pilot; I never saw him around. One day he came to me, and my life changed.

I was sent to one of the best elite colleges in England, and I grew up with students from wealthy families. Some of the students were wasting their parent’s time and money, while poor people around the globe were starving. Some of these students didn’t study; they knew that their parents would sort everything for them.

My dad just sent me there, paid my education, and I haven’t seen him at all. I tried to take in and learn as much as I could, that was hard for a kid growing up with two nationalities.

I have made many friends and learned international solidarity to all societies. I started this project way back in 2005, and I am strong enough to give my mission a good spread during this hard time. It is the point when real people have to pay a disastrous price in terms of their health and priceless isolation with all damaging consequences.

I’m mainly inspired by my love of humankind and people from all nationalities. My anger against inequality and lies. The freedom to everyone who deserves it, freedom of speech. I’d like to pass a message to everyone in the world being locked up in their own countries by their leaders – “Please try to associate yourself with the world, not just with your country”. You live on one planet, and it’s your central homeland; think of yourself as a global citizen, as I do.

What are some of the main features of Coronastreet and Safe Nation?

Coronastreet is a one-stop platform for everyone who wants to move into a new changing world without fear, sharing own stories about new world challenges and meeting someone who could give support. We are planning to make it multi-language, now it’s only in English, but still, anyone who speaks English could use this platform already.

We are developing and applying new technologies for this project and providing a safe place with safe information from scum and conspiracy theories and adapting the global Nation to a new changing world without tears and panic.

Our mission is to find and block speculation on coronavirus media. Support families from injustice, lack of food and medical treatment. Anyone who sees injustice and speculation could report on our site, and our team will solve this issue. This is where the idea for Safe Nation came.

Safe Nation is humanitarian support in places where people are feeling unsafe, unhealthy, giving them help with our volunteers’ team. I’ll be pleased to see more volunteers from different countries adjoining our mission.

Also, we are trying to raise money to support countries with a big threat of economic collapse and health problems. If anyone wants to be a part of our global mission and give their support, these individuals or companies will be our official partners with exclusive offers from all our future projects.

Have you heard any unique stories from people living in isolation?

There are many views about isolation and many exciting stories. The world is changing. Having said that our time is changing with tremendous speed. Everything is happening now very fast. People’s lives are changing and needed to adopt new rules of the game.

I don’t like this word isolation. We are humans and need to communicate; we need to make communities. However, this isolation is necessary for various reasons.

What are the aims of the Safe Nation project, and how much money have you raised so far?

We have just started our project and already raised over $10, 000. Also, some supporters want to give personal aid to its destination. We only provide contact, and they do everything themselves.

We need this money to give aid providing food, necessary medical goods and health care, supporting poor people, nurses and doctors working 24/7.

What are some of the challenges you’ve noticed COVID-19 have for you and your community?

My life has always been a challenge. I am a proud father of three children, and I’d love them to grow up in a beautiful world without health problems, diseases and isolation.

I’ve also noticed in some families; their members were not ready to live together, this locked-in situation put them together again. Some of the married people got used to living separately (spending their time at work and coming home late), even though they are married and shared the house together; they hate to stay together for long. I’m afraid after we all come out from homestay, we are going to face a lot of divorces.

People need to have the ability to learn new things and change their perspective very fast. The challenge is always in the mindset. If you are responsible for your life, everything will be fine with you. If not, then it’s your choice, but don’t interfere with the others who are trying their best to get by.

What do you think is the best way for people to get through the virus?

I had just talked to my wife about this yesterday. Only if you think, how many lives are dying from drugs and fraud vaccines legally distributed in various countries? How many people are dying from psychological problems, what about alcohol obesity?

Some pharmaceuticals companies make millions on medical products to put people into an addiction of this cycle rather than give real help. I think that this is the real threat to people, not the coronavirus. And I believe it is an excellent time to let the world speak. Because we are One Nation, One World like it says on BBC channels and we don’t want to be someone’s experiment anymore. We are ready to be responsible for our life. Prepared to choose what is a lie and what is right for us, our health and our safety.

Thank you Ivan for your time!
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