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Interview with Entrepreneur and Founder of MailU, Fernando Rodriguez

Fernando Rodriguez is the founder of MailU, a company that allows people from around the world to use their US postal addresses to order packages from America without exorbitant postage fees. The company essentially acts as a leg in the logistics chain of retail goods from America to wherever in the world the customer lives.

Fernando, could you please tell us a bit about your background?

I am the Founder and President of MailU, Inc. I have an extensive background in the online shipping and shopping industry. Our company MailU, Inc. is basically a cloud-based mail management platform, and we are expanding rapidly at a global scale. Here at MailU, Inc. we take great pride in offering diversified cloud logistics services to our growing number of users from around. As the company’s Founder and President, my main responsibility is to oversee the company’s day to day operations, while also working closely with my team to continuously improve our services.

What are your focus areas and why?

Here at MailU, Inc. we enable our growing number of users from around the world to use our US postal addresses. By using these American addresses, our customers can get their goods delivered to them anywhere in the world. Moreover, they can get this done while saving up to 75% on shipping costs, which is also a remarkable achievement on our part. Furthermore, we also focus on cutting-edge technologies and we have a sophisticated cloud-based mail management platform along with a team of remote shipping agents across the United States. These remote shipping agents play a major role in helping us making online shopping easier than ever before.

How do you describe “MailU, Inc.” in a few words?

MailU, Inc. is setting new trends in the market and we facilitate start-ups, ecommerce businesses, entrepreneurs and, most importantly, millions of online shoppers from around the world. Our shipping operations are spread all across the United States and we are proud to offer the most reasonable rates for our services. Our company largely acts as a ‘middleman’ and a connecting bridge between its clients and businesses from around the world who need to get their products shipped. We help our clients in lowering their cost of shipping by up to 80%, while also helping them keep their purchases in storage for up to 90 days at no additional cost. These are only a few services that do everything I just mentioned and we offer a wide range of services, which our competitors in the market do not.

Where do you think it’s making an impact?

We are making a global impact by enabling our users to get American made products shipped anywhere in the world. We are also changing the contemporary trends in the market by making international shipping more cost-effective and faster. Customers shopping online can directly benefit by using our services. If they are shopping from ecommerce businesses or online stores that do not provide international shipping or charge too much, then we can help them save a lot of time and money. With our innovative and technological features, I believe that we are making a difference-making impact in this emerging industry.

How do you see cross borders entrepreneurship changing in the next 10 years?

I personally believe that this industry has immense potential and can be a game-changer in the next ten years. Economies from around the world will depend on this type of business model and we aim to assume a leading position in the future. The future primarily belongs to technology and how it can make lives easier. We believe in a similar philosophy and our team sticks to our core values in order to bring our company to a leading position. Technology owns the future and we are all about making lives easier by blending innovation and technology.

And where do you see MailU, Inc. in 5 years’ time?

As I mentioned earlier, we aim to assume a leadership position in the industry. We have dedicated people on board, and we are very proud of our team. We think we can capture the market in the next five years because our model has been proven effective so far with many accomplishments. Our business model is future oriented, and our vision is to grow and expand in the market. I think five years will take our company to another level of excellence and I am saying that with full confidence because we have already made significant progress since we started.

If you could turn back time, what would you love to change in regard to the way you launched MailU, Inc.?

Every start-up has an idea behind it and that idea is backed by a vision. We are no different and we began operations with a clear vision and a strong determination. We launched our services with a well-thought business plan, and I believe that nothing needs much changing if we go back to the past. In the future however, we will continue to evolve and upgrade with the new trends in the industry because keeping yourself upgraded is a dire need of the modern age that is driven by innovation and technology. We even send photos of the purchases or shipment to our clients, while also updating them on every step of shipment so that they can keep a track. The point is that we ensure customer satisfaction at all times and I think we are doing great in this area.

What is a “one-word” piece of advice you can give our readers about succeeding, especially the ones who work from home and need services like what your company provides?

That one word is ‘Dedication’. Dedication is important for growth because it brings focus and determination. Achieving any great success is not possible without dedication, which brings me to my point here. I am proud to tell you that our entire team is highly dedicated, skilled and determined with a focus and a purpose. Our purpose is to become a global phenomenon and we are achieving our goals at a steady pace. Furthermore, those who work from home can get inspiration from our growing team of remote shipping agents, who are making good money while working from home.

What are you most excited about at the moment?

I am excited to see new technologies each day and we believe that we can integrate Artificial Intelligence in the near future to boost our network at a global scale more rapidly. Technologies like AI and blockchain have shown us the way into the future and I think technology is not only the key to our problems but also a solution to every issue. We are shifting trends and leading people into the future by bringing them out of the traditional or conventional practices and introducing them to the modern tools and techniques.

Any last words or final thoughts?

I will say that we welcome our customers to use our services and buy from all their favourite U.S. stores from anywhere in the world. In this present-day age of ecommerce and online shipping, worldwide shipping is a key factor in the success of any ecommerce start-up. We are focusing on that factor the most and our company aims at supporting these start-ups by providing quality shipping services. We strive hard to make international shipping affordable and hassle-free and we want to make our services available at the fingertips of our valued clients from around the world.

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