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How voluntary brainwashing works and why it could be something you need

When you think of the term “brainwashing”, various things probably pop into your head. It could be anything from a book you read about mind control or psychological subservience (anything by George Orwell), a film or some event/rumour from a historical event. Indeed, Chinese captors during the Korean War apparently used various brainwashing techniques to convince US prisoners of war to confess to a series of crimes, of which they were innocent.

The number of soldiers was apparently negligible (considering over 20 000 POWs were held at one time), yet it still raises the question as to whether brainwashing works in practice.

The psychological study of brainwashing is also known as “thought reform” and is seen as a strong form of social influence. This basically involves changing people’s attitudes, behaviours and beliefs, thereby changing that person’s world view and perspective.

Recently more and more people are voluntarily agreeing to brainwashing courses for a variety of reasons, such as removing a traumatic event from their past or looking to improve themselves as a person. A new company is helping people who want to undergo this voluntary brainwashing procedure with a course they call The Perfect Me Program. They claim the results have been extraordinary and the idea is picking up steam

What is the Perfect Me Program?

Established in 2009, the program aims to help individuals achieve their goals and aspirations. Driven by the mantra of living like the 1% of the world (i.e. the rich and most affluent people on the planet), the program encourages those who might be disenfranchised or disadvantaged to seek out ways of changing their circumstances.

So, how does it help people?

The course is framed around several key principles, the first of which is mastering the Law of Attraction. A core component of the New Thought Philosophy, the Law of Attraction is predicated on the idea that positive thoughts bring positive experiences, whereas negative thoughts bring negative experiences. Simple.

The program is also designed to help people reframe their personality, develop complete control over their emotions and thoughts, improve their desire for exercise and healthier eating habits, enhance their financial acumen, see and pursue opportunities others wouldn’t see and stand out in a crowd.

Three components

The program is broken down into three distinct components, each of which presents a unique challenge to the individual.


The first step is the most straightforward: listen. With 41 audio tracks in the package, participants listen and digest the thoughts, practices, beliefs and principles held by the world’s most famous and successful people. Some are alive today, while others have long since passed. The purpose of this is to assimilate your mind and embrace these successful thoughts as your own thoughts and values.


The next step is to act. This part of the program involves a 4-6-week course that supports the audio component involved in the first step. The purpose is to begin changing who you are – out with the old and in with the new. This will involve you completing assignments that will help form your new character.


This is the final component of the program and arguably the most challenging. At this point, The Perfect Me Program will ensure that your future life and career path is well-defined. You’ll be able to look back and look forward with positivity and joy. No longer will you walk down the same path that is leading you nowhere.

How does brainwashing work?

Traditionally brainwashing was a highly invasive form of control and influence. Because of this, it requires that the subject be in complete isolation and highly dependent on the agent (i.e. the person or program delivering the course). The whole point is to strip away a person’s identity, right back to their core, before replacing it with another set of behaviours and habits. Whilst it raises certain ethical questions and dilemmas, for those with complete autonomy and control over their decisions, voluntary brainwashing has become a viable method to changing one’s fortunes and improving their perspective of the world.

Famous cases of brainwashing

There are many famous examples where people contend that they were brainwashed. While it’s sometimes used as a defence against criminal activities, sometimes it’s linked to cases of Stockholm Syndrome.

One of the most famous examples is Patty Hearst, the granddaughter of newspaper mogul, William Randolph Hearst. In 1974, Patty was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (a far-left organisation). After being tortured by members of the SLA, Patty began to develop sympathy for their cause and was brainwashed into supporting the SLA in their efforts, despite the pain inflicted upon her.

Another famous example is Charles Manson. While Manson himself never directly killed anyone, he convinced his cult of followers to commit the murders, which became known as the Manson Family Killings. Manson’s followers believed that Manson was the re-embodiment of Jesus Christ, falling under the influence of his brainwashing and teachings. Manson died in prison in 2017.


There are many cases of brainwashing throughout history. Unfortunately, the practice is often associated with extreme illegal cases or for unethical purposes. However, for those looking to change their lives and improve their circumstances, voluntary brainwashing can be a source of personal change. The Perfect Me Program ( is designed to achieve just that and could be the difference between you living like the masses or living like the 1%.