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How to manage stress by keeping a journal

From time to time, life can be overwhelming and our stress levels can reach an all-time high when this happens. An unlikely but effective solution to this problem is to keep a journal for stress management and self-exploration. You have the option to write your journal entries consistently or occasionally. Either way, this is a stress-relieving practice that will help you process your thoughts and emotions. Here are the benefits you can reap from journaling:

Journaling keeps you from constantly overthinking.
Overthinking tends to distract us from things that truly matter. When we think too far ahead or too much about a certain thing, this can lead to anxiety and stress. Keeping a journal helps you organize your thoughts about a certain experience and gives you a healthy outlet to process them.

It helps you set and achieve goals.
Keeping a journal for the purpose of achieving your goals is a step towards successfully committing to them. List down a set of long-term goals and track your progress. You can also reflect and take note of how to improve and the challenges you have to overcome along the way.

It holds on to your ideas.
Our best ideas are inspired in the most unexpected ways during the most unexpected times. Keeping your ideas in one handy notebook helps you go back to these later on. That way, you can follow up with the more elaborate details of your ideas.

It’s a way to release your frustrations.
Bottling your frustrations inside isn’t the most ideal way to handle them. Doing so can lead to emotional breakdown overtime. Instead, write them down and reflect on what you can do to improve the situation.