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How the Right Community can Support Entrepreneurial Goals and Build Leadership

Entrepreneurs and leaders are unique people. They see possibilities where most people wouldn’t dream to look. But what they’re not unique in, is needing a sense of belonging; they need a community in order to thrive. Enter the gentlemen of Options Snipers.

Communities aren’t a new concept. Communities can be built anywhere by anyone. They can be as vague as the neighborhood you live in, to more specific communities like your city’s political fundraising group or, in the case of a neighborhood, a neighborhood watch group.

In order to have a great community, you need to start with what matters the most; the people. A great community isn’t built from the inside out, it’s built from the outside in, others with a common purpose, interest, or goal.

Communities as a Foundation

Think of a community as a foundation for something bigger. A good example of this might be the local chamber of commerce. That community is the foundation for business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to come together for a common purpose; usually to strengthen commerce and revenue within their area.

They do this by sharing information, ideas, and listening to one another, helping one another to find solutions. The community leaders, often local government officials, join to support the small businesses and entrepreneurs in learning their pain points, offer help, in return for gaining support for their own political or business ventures. This community relies on hope, that each one is there to support the other. Done properly, that community goes out and makes a difference for their neighborhood, city, or town.

The Community as a Teacher

If the community is a foundation for leadership, then it is also a teacher. A strong business-minded community can foster future leaders, other small businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. Every interaction within the community is a chance for everyone involved to develop their own leadership skills and apply them to their own businesses or other endeavors.

The strong leadership skills learned to serve as a beacon of hope for others within the community. One of the most important jobs of a community leader is to inspire hope. Furthermore, leaders gain their credibility as people who truly understand the needs of the community and work to change them.

Creating Growth Within the Community

Growth occurs when the leaders within the community get others to work together and then show their progress with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Once those individuals see what that community is capable of, it inspires them to become a part of the community. They want to achieve the same kind of growth they’ve either seen or heard of from other community members, so connecting and relating to your brand is essential.

However, leaders who spend too much time with exercises aimed at creating a vision rather than teaching, people will lose interest in the community, leaving it stagnant. In order for the community to continue to grow and prosper, leadership roles within the community must start the right conversations with members and lead them to valuable, attainable goals. That kind of progress will be something to build upon, a foundation to encourage future leaders, business people, and entrepreneurs.

Community Diversity

While a community is generally made up of like-minded people, that doesn’t mean diversity isn’t important. Diversity has become a point of necessity in business endeavors. The community you build shouldn’t be so like-minded that it’s considered closed-minded. What community building has taught us is that a community thrives when members come from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities or at different stages in their lives and in their businesses.

Someone who may be interested in becoming an entrepreneur may learn a lot from other entrepreneurs within the community. The opposite is true; someone who has spent years investing in businesses and starting their own companies may learn a new skill or how to apply a social network to their business.

That doesn’t mean a community whose foundation is built on race, gender, or religion isn’t just as important because there still needs to be an element of like-mindedness and common goals.

Women’s networks are good examples of how beneficial a community can be when applied to one gender. Women in business often face a bigger uphill journey than men in the same business. According to the US Census, there were 6,861 more women-owned businesses in 2018 than in 2017. A community of C-suite level women has much to teach and learn from one another regardless of age or ethnicity. Their shared goals are what make them successful and valuable to the workforce.

Building a community has proven again and again it has an important role to play in leadership development and entrepreneurship. By surrounding yourself with a supportive, helpful community, your own goals can become limitless.

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