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How Saltalk Delivers the Ultimate Comfort Meals Straight to Your Home

Food is a powerful way of bringing people together. Saltalk is company with this sentiment at its heart. Providing delicious meals for countless people, Saltalk are bringing the authenticity back to cooking. Whether you need a quick lunch or catering for thousands of people, Saltalk can provide mouth-watering meals that are sure to have you wanting more.

Hey Fred thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, let’s start with an easy one. Tell us a little bit about you and your wife’s journey to Silicon Valley.

My wife and I relocated from Shanghai to Silicon Valley. We were excited and nervous about the change. At that time, we were living in a friend’s house a few months before we found our own place. Those times were very happy because friends were very good at cooking, we had many cooking parties.

The nature of comfort food and the food that reminds us of home is such a unique one, how does Saltalk balance the business with the feeling it represents?

Saltalk Virtual Kitchen is more like an incubator for the food entrepreneur. We focus on supporting the operation and empowering food entrepreneurs to be more efficient in working with on-demand 2C delivery platforms and also in gaining business from enterprise customers. Chef entrepreneurs focus on food, which empowers them to have more authentic and creative food options for various audiences.

Do you believe that it’s the dish or the chef that brings the authenticity?

Yes, it’s the chef who makes the dish that brings authenticity.

Was it a challenge engaging so many different creator entities to the singular channel of Saltalk?

It’s not easy to know all the details of each creator entity, but from the business perspective, it’s quite straightforward. Saltalk is a preorder delivery platform that focuses on Enterprise. Most enterprises in the Bay Area and other US areas are consisting of different ppl from various cultures. So Saltalk, as a singular channel, supports many enterprises that have many different ppl from different cultures.

With so many food delivery services on the market, what makes Saltalk stand out?

Saltalk focuses on B2B, enterprise orders. We can serve enterprise customers, ranging from 5 people to 3000 people by leveraging our enterprise SASS system and streamlined operation in the kitchen space.

What is your ultimate homesick/comfort food dish?

农家小炒肉 Stir-fried Pork with Chili.

What was your biggest challenge in creating Saltalk?

Building a great team for the long term is always a challenge. I feel that we have been able to do this successfully.

What’s Next for Saltalk?

Building more Saltalk Kitchens to better serve more communities and enterprises is next for us. We also hope to create more opportunities for the food entrepreneurs and provide better service for the customers.

Thank you Fred for your time!
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