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How Founder Pramod Misra is Driving a New Standard of Data Privacy with Unifi.AI

Besides putting a company’s reputation in the media crosshairs, a data breach is costly. According to IBM, a single cybersecurity infraction can cost companies upwards of $9.4 million. It’s a reality that put cybersecurity entrepreneur Pramod Misra, co-founder of Unifi.AI, at the forefront of data privacy and compliance. 

The company’s philosophy? Demystifying cybersecurity technology and simplifying the privacy tools a company’s team uses to protect one of its most important assets. With almost two decades of experience in machine learning and data science, Pramod knew a human-centric solution would be necessary to help companies battle back against security risks. 

“We realize that most employees aren’t used to navigating the many nuances of personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive personal information (SPI) best practices,” says Pramod. “We wanted to develop a solution that was less repetitive and more productive and intuitive.” 

Bringing the Human Element to Data Privacy

Launched in 2021, Unifi.AI entered the cybersecurity scene with a diverse roster, supporting clients from finance to telecommunications. But according to Pramod, his team found its calling in providing robust data protection solutions to the healthcare space. With fortified rulings like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence snapped effortlessly to the unique privacy requirements of healthcare organizations.

Pramod started his career as a financial analyst in India before pivoting into the technology sector. He completed his undergraduate degree at Harcourt Butler Technical University in Kanpur, India, before pursuing master’s degrees in business administration from MIP Politecnico di Milano and computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology. Now, Pramod oversees things data and development as head of the Unifi.AI team.

He first met his co-founder, Neha Tiwari, in 2008 as collaborators on a shared project. A certified privacy and project manager, Neha brings over 15 years of proven expertise in industry compliance and geographical privacy regulations. She serves as Unifi.AI’s resident expert in regulation and compliance. 

Building a Customer-First Cybersecurity Solution

While Pramod and Neha are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is a remote-first team with six employees worldwide. Unifi.AI is also proud to support up-and-coming cybersecurity professionals, offering real-world experience through education-centric projects and internships. But regardless of location, the Unifi.AI team is steadfast under a shared company mission.

“What brings us together? Obsession with our customers. What matters to us is what customers find useful…everything else is useless,” explains Pramod about Unifi.AI’s approach to its employees and customers. “Protecting a company’s data and information is a large responsibility. We are on our customer’s side to make it as easy as possible.”

Recognizing the importance of making compliance automation accessible to employees of all levels, Unifi.AI prioritizes a simple, customer-first approach. The company has done away with jargon and overly technical language, focusing on user-friendly experiences that change how customers experience data security. 

As businesses grapple with the intricacies of data privacy, Unifi.AI offers tailored solutions that address a company’s immediate privacy concerns as well as position it for long-term success in the face of an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Explore Unifi.AI’s scalable data privacy solutions at 

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