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Daniel Nwosu, founder and CEO of CloudElite

How Daniel Nwosu Built One of the Most Successful Cloud Computing Training Programs – CloudElite

Daniel Nwosu is the founder and CEO of renowned training program CloudElite. He and his team have dedicated themselves to providing comprehensive training services for those looking to enter the cloud computing industry. After noticing a gap in the market for this type of training, Nwosu developed a ground breaking program that equips students with all the skills that they need to develop their own successful careers as a cloud computing engineer.

Hi Daniel, thanks for taking the time to speak with us, let’s start with what inspired you to create CloudElite?

Many years ago, when I decided to learn AWS, I found it difficult to find an AWS training program that could train me from no experience to landing a high-earning job in the field. I was apprehensive and lost. I had initially asked many family members and friends yet couldn’t find anything promising. Many people I spoke to would only give me the bare minimum (links to prepare for certifications, YouTube videos, and some articles). I was beginning to lose hope.

There were many I.T. training programs, but I couldn’t find anything promising. I was getting older and running out of options. I needed training with a high pass rate with many of the students landing a job offer. It was truly a struggle. After months of searching, I finally heard about a small training happening in my church.

Due to my rough experience in finding a complete end-to-end Cloud Computing training, I decided to devote a great majority of my life to developing a training program that was the answer to many people’s prayers. A training program where no background in I.T. was required. A training program that would teach you not just how to pass a certification but also how to develop one’s linked profile, resume, and the confidence required to land multiple job offers in Cloud Computing.

How did you go about developing your business CloudElite? What has been the most pressing challenge you’ve overcome?

First and foremost, I’d truly like to thank God for his guidance. It’s not been easy but I can see how certain experiences I’ve been through in life has prepared me for what I do now at CloudElite. Secondly, we have a phenomenal team of enthusiastic, intelligent, experienced, and well-qualified Cloud Engineers. To name a few Emmanuel Nnodim, Favour Nwosu, Therese, and Sephora Ngatchou! Most of our instructors have 5+ certifications in AWS and are currently working in the field. As for the most pressing challenge that we’ve overcome, I would have to say accommodating virtual student’s learning styles. At CloudElite, we’ve been able to successfully tailor our training to our virtual students. So far, in just the past 3 months we’ve had 5 job offers from our virtual students!

What would you say is the primary error a lot of people make when they’re starting working with AWS technologies?

Well, I will say the most common mistake and primary error is wasting money by running resources that you don’t need and you are not even aware that they are running on your account. It’s always good to check your billing section until you get more familiar with how pricing works on AWS. Security of your account is also essential. Sometimes beginners may forget to enable the proper security tools on their AWS account to ensure their data and information is properly secure. Other times students may forget to install Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to their root AWS account. Nevertheless, all these errors are most common when you are new to AWS and at CloudElite we train our students on these concepts during the first week.

What kind of training can people get at CloudElite? How can people get started?

At CloudElite we provide four months of comprehensive and interactive AWS training for the most highly sought after certifications in the IT industry at large. This includes rigorous Hands-On Training, Mock Interviews, Linked-In Optimization, and a hand-crafted Resume. I can say, we offer the best training to make sure our students are well prepared for the certifications (90% of our students pass the certifications on their first try), job offers (80% of our students that complete our training land a job offer), and also life working as a Cloud Engineer. To get started, one can go to our website,, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook with the following handles @cloudelitetraining to also make inquiries.

What do you think makes CloudElite different from other training firms out there?

At CloudElite, one thing that we hear time and time again is that we’re the best training our students have ever had. When we ask them why, we most commonly hear that at our training, the instructors truly want them to succeed and they can genuinely feel that from the way we teach and communicate with our students.  We often sacrifice time outside of scheduled class to meet with students one on one to have them shadow us as we’re working, an experience 95% of training programs do not offer today. For more elaboration on the course please follow our Instagram to see the content of our in-person class and to get a better feel of what we’re saying.

Finally, where are you at with your current projects? Is there anything new and exciting developing for you and your business in the future?

Currently we’ve just updated and improved our website. Feel free to check it out at As for new projects, we’re looking to have a few seminars in some public schools here in the United States. We’re also branching out into the UK and Canada as of next year, 2022. Finally, we’re working on pre-recording our lectures to make class even more easy to follow at your own pace!

Thank you Daniel for your time!
You can follow up with Daniel Nwosu at and on Facebook here or Instagram here.