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Freezzy Brickz

Herlens Suffrin (Freezzy Brickz) discusses his record label company, Sky Burg Records

Herlens Suffrin, well known by his stage name, Freezzy Brickz, is the President and Founder of Sky Burg Records, a record label company. Since its inception over six years ago, Sky Burg Records has been consistently growing in terms of popularity and prestige. Sky Burg offers full-service music management and music publishing services. At the same time, the company is slowly expanding their cohort of artists and music portfolio.

Herlens was able to answer a few of our questions about his business, the specialties of different musical genres and how his business differentiates itself in the competitive record label scene.

Herlens, what motivated you to start Sky Burg Records and when did your passion for music start?

I fell in love with music since I was a child and had always been around musicians or DJs. Music was always my passion. What really motivated me to start Sky Burg Records? It’s a long story short. I was living at my uncle’s house when something happened. Then, I had to leave the house and went to my best friend’s house because I wasn’t allowed to sleep at my uncle’s house at that time. While I was there one of my other friends who worked as a music producer, came to see me and he was like I have studio session tomorrow, why don’t you come? I said to send me the address and I’ll come. He sent me the address, I went, we hung out for a few hours.

Then I went back home after a few hours later that day. He called and said the artist he was recording with wanted me to manage him. At the time I didn’t have any experience in management, so I told him let me think about. 3 days later I told him yes, I want to manage the artist but I’m starting my own record label and he would be my first artist. The artist agreed and after 3 weeks I took my lawyer and signed him. That’s when sky Surg Records started.

Does your management company focus on a wide range of musical genres or focus on more niche sounds?

The US Sky Burg Records is a wide range company. We are always looking for new talent and new sounds. We want to extend our brand.

What were some of the early challenges you encountered when starting Sky Burg Records?

My biggest challenge was financial. At that time, I wasn’t financially stable. There were a lot of things that I could get done, but I didn’t have the funds. Nobody believed in me, so I couldn’t get any loans. So, I went and got myself a job and started investing in my company.

What does your music management company do differently in comparison to your main competitors?

What do we do differently when compared to our competitors? We’ll sign an artist even though you are not hot on the internet, or don’t have many followers. We will still work with you if the talent is there.

How would you describe the process of finding the next-generation of musical talent?

Next generation talent has already been around, and the music industry has been. You just need to be on the lookout for them.

What would be your advice to those trying to break into the music management scene?

My advice to those trying to break into the music management, is to just keep working. Stay humble, and treat people the same way that you want to be treated.

Will the company be debuting any exciting new music soon?

Yes, we have a new single called ‘Work’ coming out in the middle of July with our new artist Nova.

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