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Oscar Barragan

Growing a network of 10+ million followers was easy for social media expert Oscar Barragan

Some people have a tough time growing their accounts to 10,000. However, entrepreneur and social media expert Oscar Barragan can easily grow an Instagram page to 100,000 followers within just two weeks. He hasn’t even been at social media for that long, yet has quickly developed the skills and strategies needed to unlock extraordinary growth hacking success.

Developing a network of 10+ million followers across several social media pages is something that caught the eye of the founder of Loudley Media Agency. This turned into an offer to partner up and help even more businesses increase their audiences on social media. Since then, this team has helped thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their audiences, resulting in more leads and sales for them.

Oscar Barragan
Oscar Barragan

Working as a social media expert was a natural fit for him. He was never someone who wanted to work a regular day job in a store or office somewhere. He had always dreamed of establishing a legacy, wanting to be known for his tremendous accomplishments. Sure, there were obstacles along the way to success, but that’s to be expected. Once he overcame them, the newfound freedom he had to do whatever he wanted was simply sublime.

Oscar wasn’t only driven by money. In fact, a major part of his motivation was to help others. To him, success is measured by the degree of the positive impact you have on others. Helping others achieve success brings greater rewards than money alone.

Oscar wants other aspiring entrepreneurs to also know that you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. After all, he had practically none. What he did have was the right mindset to succeed. There is always a way to achieve success, even without money. That’s what gravitated him to become a social media expert. The barrier to entry was very low, financially-speaking. He has proven the timeless aphorism that “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

When starting a business, mindset is everything. You can have a lot of money, but fail as an entrepreneur if you are constantly worried and don’t believe in yourself. Still, Oscar acknowledges that starting a business is not easy. To push through the challenging moments, you need to have a strong mind that is determined to succeed no matter what. What you think directly impacts how you act, leading you to make decisions that will either improve or damage your prospects.

Oscar maintained a strong mindset throughout his entrepreneurial journey. He had learned early on how to control fear, doubt, and disbelief. If you have the drive to start your own business, Oscar recommends to just do it. Far too many people waste their lives away mulling over whether they should launch their business. The potential risk dissuades many. However, Oscar notes that without risk, there is no reward. Anyone who has ever succeeded in anything took a chance.

If you want to learn more about Oscar and what he and Loudley offer, you can follow his Instagram page. You can also follow his TikTok, as well as Loudley Media Agency’s Instagram page.