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Laxis launches Chrome Extension for Google Meet, making effective note-taking in meetings simple and automatic

Researchers, sales professionals, and journalists find they can focus on the conversation while Laxis takes notes and records who is talking. 

Most professionals are frustrated by having to endure lots of meetings in which they are both leading the discussion and taking notes at the same time. Many find it hard to focus on the conversation while writing notes at the same time. As a result, insights are missed and here is often a lack of action after meetings.

Laxis lets you enjoy meetings again. With Laxis, you can focus on meaningful conversations, without having to worry about taking detailed notes. Its proprietary deep learning technologies can not only transcribe your meeting, but also auto-track important keywords and generate a meeting memo for you once the meeting ends.

Laxis’ Google Meet Extension “joins” your Google Meet meeting automatically and invisibly. It records your meeting while you talk. As you interact, you can highlight all the important moments during the meeting in real time with a single click. In addition, with Laxis, you will find highly accurate speaker avatars and names assigned to the statement being made by each speaker in the conversation. During the meeting, the transcription and your highlights will be automatically saved to your Laxis account. You can check all your meeting transcriptions and highlights anytime by logging into your Laxis web application.

Inside the Laxis Web Application, the foundation of Laxis products, you can edit your meeting transcripts and memos while analyzing the insights across all your meeting conversations. You can even configure your own keywords to track, and Laxis will automatically track all those keywords for you during your meetings.

Laxis: AI Meeting Assistant for Google Meet || Google Meet Note Taking || Google Meet Extension

All those advanced features are currently completely free for Google Meet users. Sign up for a free account to enjoy unlimited editing, sharing, and transcription and highlight auto saving for your Google Meet meetings.

You can also transcribe your other meetings, like Zoom recordings or your local audio files. Our free plan supports up to 5 free transcription and analysis for Zoom recording and local audio files. If you need more, you can purchase a basic or premium plan for a very affordable price.

“Our goal is to provide an affordable AI meeting assistant for every working professional, so people can enjoy meetings again. We want to help people focus on having meaningful conversations and building great relationships, rather than taking notes.” Says Laxis founder and CEO Eric Xiao.

CEO Eric believes that as the hybrid working environment becomes normal, people’s conversations can happen anywhere and everywhere, from the office, online conferences, phone calls, and more. That means that having effective meetings and clear, accurate notes, will become even more critical than before. Laxis can definitely help by enabling users to set pre-meeting topics and agendas, take notes and view real time transcription during meetings, and get valuable conversation insights after your meetings. Anyone who sits through meetings and wants them to be more productive can benefit from Laxis.