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Gershom Sikaala on Redefining Media

Social media has become a big part of our daily lives, with people using it to connect with friends and family, make passive income, and promote their products or services. But the question of safety on social media is a recurring issue. As technology advances and more people embrace social media, cybercrime has skyrocketed, and keeping your personal data safe on social media is getting harder by the day. However, this may change. Celebrated author and innovative thinker, Gershom Sikaala, has developed a one-of-a-kind social media platform that prioritizes the user’s safety.

PureKonect is a social media platform that allows you to make video calls and chat with colleagues, friends, and family without the constant fear that your personal information might be exposed. The app, which is available for Android, supports different languages, including English, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, and Arabic. PureKonect also has a search option, making it easier to connect with people with whom you share similar interests. You can search for people, pages, groups, hashtags, and more.

According to Gershom, their main aim is to build an unbiased social media platform that allows people to connect, share, and communicate in a safe and private environment. “Social media was built to connect with each other and share their passions/interests. But this has changed. It has ceased to become that ‘safe’ space, and people are now forced to guard their personal data, limiting what they can do. Through PureKonect, we hope to bring back safety and make social media better for everyone,” Gershom says.

Gershom is leveraging his broad experience to achieve this. He has been in the field for years and has brought many changes working with well-known celebrities. Gershom is a successful author, speaker, and the brains behind AuthenticTV Global Media, the leading TV channel for family movies and business news. 

The TV station has grown rapidly since its launch, with many praising its unique approach to content, creation, sharing, and even professionalism, something they borrowed for PureKonect. AuthenticTV shares programs that are entertaining and enriching and create a safe space. 

As an entrepreneur, speaker, and theologist (Gershom has a doctorate in psychology in biblical studies), he uses this to spread love and positivity and make the world a better place. Gershom is following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, who is one of his biggest inspirations, and finishing what he started. Gershom says his goal is to eliminate unnecessary pain and allow people to become more successful. He believes part of this will be accomplished by redefining media and the digital space.

Media plays a big role in today’s world and for entrepreneurs and other personalities, and maintaining a solid brand in the online space is crucial. This means being active and sharing engaging content. PureKonect aims to help entrepreneurs and brands connect and communicate in a private and safe environment.

“In the next five years, I want to see billions of people able to express themselves freely in a safe environment and conduct business on social media without many fears,” Gershom says.