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Frosty: The Internet’s Diamond in The Dust Influencer

Who is Frosty?

A social media enthusiast and content creator, also a generation Z member.

Frosty is a USA-based influencer and TikTok star. @Stayfrostyyy is driven completely by passion and this is just an excerpt of words about this young and perspective star through whose work You can get the full immersive experience.

How it all started?

“When I made my first TikTok video and reached my first 100 views I felt closer to the world.” – Frosty says.  The thought of people from all around the world seeing his videos made him believe that something extraordinary might happen. And it did. Before he knew it 1000 followers became 100k, then 100k became 200k. Somewhere in between a moment happened for him when he realized that making videos is his passion and that it also carries great responsibility towards his audience. His intentions were and still are driven completely by passion and his first sponsor recognized that. Every day since ideas keep coming to him, his dreams have grown and vision became clear – to create content that draws emotion from people.

TikTok connected him to many great and successful people like @fyp (6.7 million TikTok followers), he contacted with @partyshirt (over 19.4Million TikTok followers) and today he keeps working with many great content creators and sponsors as well. TheColdestWater,, and TheseGlasses can be found on his reference list. His popularity grew up during 2020 mostly due to “kids named Aiden” series of comic videos, of which he is especially proud. Having a supportive audience, the YouTube channel “Frosty Shorts” came as a logical sequence in his professional orientation and expansion. Experienced as an editor, graphics designer and visual animator, day to day he keeps working on fulfilling his own vision and mission.

What makes him different?

In his words – My mindset is taking me towards the vision that I created. Whether I create content, film or edit, eat or sleep – focus on quality is leading me.” And this is great essence of his success.  For this rising star, it is pretty simple – great ambitions lead to great results.

@stayfrostyyyDon’t let it flop! 😂😂 ##foryoupage ##squidgame ##Netflix ##comedy ##dub♬ original sound – Zenitsugff

In which fields you can count on Frosty?

If you are into reaching your target audience and you want to get an encouraged imprint of your brand then creating user-generated content (UGC) is what You need and that is where You can count on Frosty. Since your story is unique he will make sure that others know it too and all through his online channels supported by his growing audience.

Online presentation and appearance on social networks are extremely important for successful businesses, he tells. Ads tailored to your strategic goals and communication with Frosty´s community will form a digital impression of your brand. Co-operating with Frosty, You will become noticed by customers, but also by the competition.

If You are into making interesting content or looking just for fun, you can find Frosty on IG @yofrostyyy or on one of the fastest-growing apps worldwide – TikTok  @stayfrostyyy