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Frank Udavcak from X3 Marketing discusses the importance of data-driven production

Frank Udavcak is the owner and director of the highly successful marketing firm, X3 Marketing. X3 Marketing is leading the way forward when it comes to digital marketing, data growth strategies and innovative content development. However, there’s no denying that the digital marketing scene is incredibly competitive and often only the most innovative and driven businesses survive, which is something X3 Marketing has done.

If you want to know more about their story, then you’re in luck because Frank was able to answer a few questions about his business and the wider digital marketing industry.

Hi Frank, when did you decide to establish X3 Marketing? Did you have any experience in marketing beforehand?

I remember being 14 and creating a newspaper for my brother and I to put an ad in for our lawn mowing business and by high school I actually was Wiz Khalifa’s (Grammy-Nominated Artist from hometown Pittsburgh) personal videographer. I’ve always loved crafting a narrative creatively and after doing videos for over 10 years, the development of data analytics and digital marketing was extremely enticing. As I graduated from Penn State University Smeal College of Business and started in the work force, I realized that I wanted to move faster than a lot of the opportunities available.

When a new client comes to you in need of digital marketing help, what’s the first step your business takes to get things started on the right foot?

I think any company is going to say “to understand the goal” but from working with people like Iman Shumpert or Wiz, I’ve learned it’s important to understand them. Often, people don’t completely understand what they want and that’s just because they’re focused on their craft. You’re paying us so you only need to think about what you do best.

That’s a significant client! Are there any others you’d like to share?

Yes! Wiz Khalifa was a great client and opened a lot of doors and opportunities. I was part of a successful e-commerce startup here in Pittsburgh that my partner at the time, Dan Folger stared.  From there, the client list sort of just exponentially grew from Covestro, to Adidas, to Pittsburgh’s finest like Highmark, UPMC, and PPG. Our newer clients like KIA, Lee & Associates, and Avere Beauty are really a new era for us. Here’s the 2020 Kia Forte GT video.

In your opinion, how important is data in the world of digital marketing? Is there anything more critical than it these days?

I used to be terrible at math because I could never find anything to relate it to until I discovered the data aspect of digital marketing. While the data is what the client looks at in the deliverables and proves revenue, I believe a company entire brand is much more than that. Burn Coca-Cola’s accounting department and you still have a timeless brand and experience everyone remembers; That’s what we want to help build.

Where do you operate and with what industries?

Right now we have a team in Irvine, California and Pittsburgh, PA. Our Irvine office is run by Giancarlo Spinosi and he specializes us in Commercial Real Estate Marketing and is our Account Executive. We also do a lot of medical marketing in Irvine as it is home to a lot of big Biotech companies like Allergan. Here in Pittsburgh, our clients range from restaurants, med spa’s, to e-commerce and automotive.

How has your business been combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, and how will you help your customers?

Here in Pittsburgh, I’m not sure the state of other Marketing companies, but we definitely think now is a perfect time for businesses to step up their game. It’s a competitive advantage to overtake anyone that may be slowing down – that’s just the nature of most industries. We are also offering a COVID-19 Stimulus Plan of our own that provides new customers with $1,500 worth of free services with a 3-month contract.

In your view, what are the three most important things every digital marketing company needs to be successful?

There’s a quote from Thoreau – “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it – and I try to remind my team that we’re doing this because we love it. Like, imagine if you got $10,000,000 tomorrow and didn’t have to work for the rest of your life – what would you do? For me – it’s this and I think that’s what makes a company successful.

What are the most common mistakes made by customers looking for digital marketing help?

Finding a digital marketing company is difficult because there are so many options and unlike buying Bananas, the prices vary exponentially usually. Our Irvine marketing team has a different rate than our Pittsburgh marketing team. We want clients that understand we are an extension of their team and not just a one-off contractor. Right now, we’re looking for clients that want 4K videos, web development, SEO, and a team ready to work incessantly to help you grow.

Thank you Frank for your time!
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