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Founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Council Anne Smith talks about her mission to save her daughter

Anne Smith is an American writer, humanitarian, activist, and bestselling author as well as the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Council, a rapidly growing online legal advocacy community. Anne started Iron Sharpens Iron Council after two life-changing events that turned her into who she is today.

One of these life-changing events involves her own daughter, who Anne believes was wrongfully convicted by a corrupt prosecutor who presented false evidence. After 7 years of struggle, Anne has decided to write a book and begin a crowdfunding campaign for a docuseries about her daughter’s plight titled “CLEAR HER NAME”.

Anne answered some questions below.

Why have you lost faith with the legal system?

I was victimized by a process that entrenches corruption and enables liars and scammers to make money from the ignorance of people who put faith in it. Regarding the case with my daughter, I saw blatant lies and false evidence win over the truth.

After being swindled and led astray by many so-called “legal experts” who scammed me out of thousands of dollars, I knew enough was enough. I knew then that I was not able to clear my daughter’s name going through the traditional channels, and thus I took legal research into my own hands and this eventually led me to form Iron Sharpens Iron Council.

How did Iron Sharpens Iron Council form?

The name choice “Iron Sharpens Iron” reflects that we are all iron and that only we can improve or “sharpen” one another. The addition of “Council” is to represent that we are an equal community, and there are no ‘leaders’, only equally valued individuals who become stronger together than apart.

Iron Sharpens Iron Council formed as I was performing my own legal research and understanding how to make the law work not just for me, but for those I care about. I knew that I needed to share this knowledge with others and help them learn how to study law and experience similar breakthroughs.

How are you working to clear your daughter’s name?

I am doing it through raising awareness through my upcoming book and (hopefully) docuseries “CLEAR HER NAME”. For 7 years I was ignored, but now that I am building a platform it’s becoming impossible for people to ignore the fact that both my daughter and I were railroaded by the justice system and the many immoral people who work within it.

How are you raising money for “CLEAR HER NAME”?

I have two donation links on my Instagram page ( for people to use if they wish to contribute to the creative process for the book and docuseries. If you want an idea of the direction that I am going with it, check out the series “When They See Us” on Netflix, which is about a case involving 5 teenage boys who were wrongfully convicted at then exonerated 20 years later.

The big-name music artist “Meek Mill” also has a Netflix docuseries that shows how he was wrongfully convicted and railroaded by the justice system as a teenager. Another notable one is the drama series “For Life” on ABC which was created by rapper 50 cent.

What do you want people to learn from your experiences?
I have been through a very traumatic and humiliating experience with the legal system that I desperately want to help others avoid happening to them. However, the experience has undoubtedly made me a stronger person, and my determination is stronger than it has ever been before in my life.

I want others to learn to become self-determined individuals and take their life into their own hands.

Thank you Anne for your time!
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Watch this video with Anne Smith:

Meek Mill Case | For Life by 50 Cent | CLEAR HER NAME

“When people who love peace become as organized as people who love war, change can happen. It’s my vision to grow Mission Possible Workshop into a strong community with people who will work together for peace and truth-in-justice.” – Anne Smith