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For insurance claims that have been denied, delayed or underpaid, Bill Voss and the team at The Voss Law Firm can help

With a passion for ensuring that ordinary people are not ripped off by major corporations, Bill Voss began The Voss Law Firm. His mission is to ensure that each and every one of his clients is not cheated out of their rightful insurance claims by insurance companies looking to retain as much money as possible. He and his team are qualified and experienced in doing this and continue to achieve successes for their clients, getting them the compensation that they are owed.

Hi Bill, what was the primary motivation behind starting The Voss Law Firm, P.C.?

I wanted to help people.  As a lawyer who represents people, not corporations, I felt like I could be in position to help those that were wronged by multi-billion dollar, multi-international conglomerates when they step all over individuals for the sake of profit.  And, I’ve been able to just that – defeating some of the largest corporations on the planet and helping thousands of those that have been wronged.

What is your career background? Were you always in the law space?

I started in the mail room of a law firm in a small town in Texas.  I would make copies, run to the post office, file documents at the courthouse, take out the trash, and do any other duty that wasn’t necessarily assigned to a particular employee.  Those responsibilities grew to interviewing potential clients, doing intake paperwork, and eventually, being able to sit in at hearings and depositions.  I was hooked.

What kind of practice areas does your law firm specialize in?

We specialize in helping property owners fight insurance claims that have been denied, delayed, or underpaid. We step in and help homeowners and commercial property owners get what they are truly owed under their insurance policy. We handle all sorts of claims including frozen or burst pipe cases, ice damming, wind, flood, hail, lightning, vandalism and more. Anytime there is an insurance claim and the policyholder gets a feeling that something’s not right, they call us to make sure they are not getting taken advantage of by the insurance carrier.

What are your most popular services?

Right now, we are receiving calls and e-mails from homeowners and commercial property owners that have experienced an event due to the recent severe weather in Texas – Ice Storm Uri.  From frozen pipes, to caved-in ceilings, to leaky roofs – people are calling. They need help.

Do you really need an attorney? I thought that all insurance is simple and transparent. Why and when people should consider using your law firm?

Insurance policies are often 100’s of pages long, containing legal language which requires extensive interpretation.  Also, insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side from the very beginning.  The insurance companies have already met with all their lawyers related to the recent ice storms in Texas to decide how they are going to handle the influx of claims and hoping to devise a way to save as much money as they can.  If property owners don’t have a lawyer on their side early, they risk getting taken out to the cold for a second time.

What can I do if my property or contents insurance claim is denied, delayed, or underpaid?

Call us, or another qualified policyholder law firm, immediately.  Time is of the essence.  In the meantime, make sure you take as many pictures as you can and document your daily tribulations in a diary – both these activities are very important.  The insurance companies are hoping most policyholders will just go away, ultimately allowing them to get off the hook.  Stay strong, stay focused, and get the help you deserve.

What do I do if I disagree with the insurance adjuster?

First, stay calm, take notes, get a written position from the carrier.  Second, call us, or another qualified policyholder law firm, immediately.  We will look for another position statement and analysis of the damage. We will be able to tell right away the tricks the insurance company is using to take advantage of you.  We see these types of tricks every day and can spot them from a mile away.  Getting good help on your side makes all the difference in the world.

What if I’ve already received a check – can you still help me?

Of course – in most cases.  If we identify you have been underpaid we can re-open your claim, submit the proper paperwork, and ultimately get you paid in full.  Insurance claims are not completely over unless a release has been signed or you wait too long to act. We can help identify the true amount of damages using our experts, not those paid by the insurance company.

Thank you Bill for your time!
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