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How Tactical Training Instructor Farren Morgan Can Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Farren Morgan has a passion for helping people reach their fitness and tactical training goals. Morgan has served as a soldier in the British Army for over 6 years and has successfully continued to progress through the ranks to Lance Sergeant. He is currently operating as Physical Training Instructor for the Coldstream Guards at Westminster in London.

This has allowed him to develop skills as an instructor as he helps to transform countless civilians into capable soldiers. As a dedicated and highly respected soldier, he knows what it takes to improve your strength, and hopes to inspire people everywhere to improve their fitness and become educated about living a health, physically fit lifestyle.

Farren Morgan

With extensive experience in the army under his belt, Morgan has taken his skills to the general public with his online coaching business. Specialising in tactical training, the programmes are designed to help people achieve their fitness goals and to increase traits such as strength and discipline. To complement these programmes, Morgan has also begun releasing e-books that detail all aspects of tactical training and development. With these programmes and e-books quickly gaining traction from all over the world, Morgan decided to increase his reach even further and launch his motivational tactical training page on Instagram in September 2020. This launch was highly successful, gaining over 12,000 followers in just 9 months through his inspirational posts.

The key reason that Farren Morgan has become such a success is due to his highly innovative workout plans. These workout plans range from 8-12 weeks and are extremely effective for getting you in the best shape of your life. The combination of strength, conditioning, running, and tactical personal training has allowed people from all around the world to kickstart their journey towards becoming a tactical athlete. A feature in Men’s Fitness Magazine in June 2021 and a sponsorship from the supplement brand Grenade further increased Morgan’s reputation, allowing him to build a bigger community of people inspired by his training. Consistently sharing messages of strength, support, and education, Morgan has gained a loyal following of people whose lives he has changed.

During the challenge of the current climate, many people have been looking for inspiration. On top of this, fitness has been difficult to maintain due to gyms being closed and in-person classes being unable to go ahead. The online community has become the key source of strength for many, and Farren Morgan is one of the key figures in this community, bringing both civilians and service members together through tactical fitness challenges, workouts, education, and frequent live chats about military training and lifestyle.

Morgan’s upcoming e-book is highly anticipated by the community due to the 20 custom conditioning workouts and the runs inspired by his Tactical Thursday workouts. He hopes to help readers reach their best personal score for a 5k run. This constant motivation and encouragement of people to keep challenging themselves has allowed many to unlock their potential as a technical athlete. With the help of Farren Morgan, you too could feel the fulfilment of transforming your life and being at your physical best.


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