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Diverse business enterprises continue to achieve success thanks to Eric Standifer and Blaylock Van LLC

Diversity is an increasingly important topic in the business world, particularly in the financial services industry. Companies such as Blaylock Van LLC, led by Eric Standifer, know this and are pioneers in pushing for the development of business in this way. These companies are expertly outlining the multitude of ways in which your business can be improved if you opt for diversity and helping business to see this value for themselves. Read on to find out how Blaylock Van LLC has continued to achieve success and why increased diversity is so relevant in our current day.

Revolutionizing this diversity space for over 30 years is Blaylock Van LLC. The business is the oldest continuously African American owned banking firm in the whole of the Unites States and has seen constant success in helping business appreciate the benefits of diversity in the corporate world. Led by Eric Standifer, President and Co-founder of Blaylock Van LLC, the firm offers investment banking solutions and much more for a wide range of clients, big and small. Their personalized approach to helping their clients ensures that everyone walks away with a better business operation and with their goals achieved. The tailored solutions offered by the business are unmatched and part of what has made them so successful in this particular market.

According to Refinitiv, the participation level for firms with diverse ownership is the highest that it has ever been. Up from 22% of debt sales with proceeds of $211.5 billion, the tangible success of diversifying a workforce is something that Blaylock Van LLC hopes to share with the finance world. In encouraging finance chiefs to hire minority-owned investment banks, the company is helping business both demonstrate their commitment to diversity and achieve real successes. Corporate diversity is helping businesses to attract new customers and investors and is one of the most important endeavors that businesses should be undertaking.

Blaylock Van LLC are renowned for their unique approach to developing this diversity and they are one of the oldest and most trusted firms in the United States. The business has worked with a number of fortune 500 companies, CITI, GE, IBM, Ford and much more. Their commitment to helping businesses achieve their goals, no matter how big or small, sets them apart from the rest and has helped define their reliable reputation. Their innovative approach to investment continues to be sought out by many and their commitment to encouraging diversity is highly admired by their peers.

With initiatives to empower other minority-owned companies and a reputation for personalized and effective service, it’s no surprise that Eric Standifer and his business Blaylock Van LLC are at the forefront of the movement to further diversify the financial sector. The benefits that a more diverse workforce bring to a business are enumerable. It allows for a variety of perspectives, ideas, and services, and is something that more and more businesses are realizing they should be incorporating into their workforce. Thanks to Blaylock Van LLC, this process has never been easier and diversity is steadily becoming commonplace in the corporate world.