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Elliot Drake the co-founder of Kennected talks LinkedIn automation and SaaS

Elliot Drake is one of the world’s influential voices in the world of LinkedIn automation and SaaS. He is the co-founder of Kennected, a digital marketing company that seeks to enhance businesses and individual goals on the world’s largest professional community, LinkedIn. The company’s flagship software, Kennected, is a LinkedIn automation tool that specializes in automating the reach of client’s brand, products, and services, generate leads, cultivate potential customers, personalize the customer’s follow-up, build a real relationship with a potential customer at scale and create new revenue streams for the clients.

As the co-founder of a company that deals mainly in LinkedIn Automation, Elliot sheds some light on LinkedIn automation and SaaS in this interview, the challenges the industry faces as well as the effect of the pandemic on the industry.

Elliot, can you please tell us more about your role at Kennected as well as the company’s operations?

As a co-founder at Kennected, I oversee duties like working with our affiliates, our paid media strategies and sales funnels. I also run a sales team of 5 people. Our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority, and I work to keep our clients happy, exceeding their expectations every time. Kennected focuses on automating certain operations on LinkedIn for our clients to enhance their visibility and growth on the platform, either as an individual or as a business.

Kennected enables your products, services, and brand to be visible to your target audience of potential customers. Rather than getting it done manually, our software integration automates this lead generation for you. Kennected does a fantastic job of automating profile visits, as well as cold message outreach. Users can build “drip campaigns” which is similar to scheduled email marketing. The ultimate aim is for the user to have real-time and real conversation with these potential customers. Our users that use the tool this way, often have the best levels of success.

Can you please explain more about what LinkedIn automation and SaaS aim to achieve?

We use the SaaS model, or Software as a Service, to deliver our technology to our users. We did not want to go with a desktop version that requires constant updating. We opted for a web-based experience for our users, which is more stable.

SaaS companies over the last few years have really become the toast of the investment world. The beauty of SaaS companies is that with the proper development and leadership team, you can deliver massive value, at scale. Most of our co-founders came from the digital marketing agency world. One of the things we did not like, was the human elements that were involved in so many of the aspects of Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and social media management.

We felt SaaS made more sense, and we could impact our customer base better with this delivery method.

What are the challenges faced by the LinkedIn automation and SaaS industry?

When you hear the words LinkedIn automation, most people think spam. In reality, most companies do not educate their users enough on how to use tools effectively. Also not all tools are programmed the same, for safety and deliverability. Kennected spends one on one time with each new user. Our onboarding process gets down and dirty with our clients to help them understand the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn automation. Our scripts we provide are proven to have fantastic open rates. One very large company recently did a test launch with about 10 accounts and had an engagement rate of over 40%! That means that for every 10 messages, they got a response back from 4 of them.

How has the coronavirus impacted your business?

Well, I can’t exactly say for the industry at large. But for Kennected, being a progressive and evolving company, we have thrived even during the global pandemic. People were looking for ways to still meet with people. Companies still wanted to sell products and services. With face to face meetings no longer an option, they were asking their friends and co-workers how they were doing it. We get so many referrals on a daily basis that it keeps our sales team very busy. If any readers want to learn more about Kennected, please visit our website  We are always looking for talented people to be part of our sales team!

Thank you Elliot for your time!

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