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Eason Yang from Glasses Hacker talks about the industry and his business

Eason Yang is a key member of the team at Glasses Hacker, which is an international business that sources affordable, reliable eyewear alternatives from around the globe. We all know that purchasing a new pair of spectacles can be very expensive, especially if you don’t have any form of insurance to offset some of the costs. Your favourite pair of glasses won’t last forever either, so saving money where ever you can is a great bonus.

Eason was able to answer a few of our questions about Glasses Hacker and the industry he works in.

Eason, how did you get involved in the glasses industry?

In 2010, I joined a European enterprise and was responsible for product quality inspection for many brands of glasses. The companies and factories of glasses were basically in Asia, and I often flew to Asia, especially China, to conduct quality inspection for our customers before shipment.

In which countries does your business operate?

We operate across several geographic regions, including North America, countries throughout Europe, and Australia.

What are the benefits of using your services?

We can find the same glasses you want via the factory or wholesaler outlets. However, the brand is often different, or, in some cases, there is no brand, and the price will be much cheaper. Despite the massive difference in price, the glasses we source and find are of the same style, material and quality. Most importantly, our website provides guaranteed after-sales service, even if the customer purchases glasses from a factory or wholesaler.

Which tips would you give to your customers when selecting new glasses?

Many brands of frames and sunglasses come from a small number of factors and design companies. As is often the case, the most established and famous brands charge a massive mark-up for their products, mainly because customers are willing to spend more to get a brand they perceive as opulent and luxurious. However, if you’re someone who is indifferent to brand value or so-called style, you should take the time get in touch with our team. We’ll find some unnamed brands and find the same style glasses you want at a far cheaper price, saving you a lot of money.

Have you ever had an unusual order? Could you let us know about any most difficult orders?

The service guarantee provided by our website is that we will find the same glasses within 12 hours. For example, I received an order in August this year. The picture of the glasses provided by the customer was a very niche, special brand of glasses. After we sent the picture to more than 200 factories and 100 wholesalers we cooperated with, we still couldn’t find it.

Just when we thought we would run out of time, we were lucky enough to find the same pair of glasses in the wholesale market partner of Guangzhou glasses in China. The brand the customer wanted was from a small Korean company. We gave the customer a refined quote and he ended up saving $90.